Mistakes People Are Making at Stores Right Now

5 min read

Shopping takes on new meaning these days. Many shopping mistakes become a danger to ourselves and others. New protocols are everywhere due to the pandemic, and everyone is well aware of them by now. They are protocols mandated by the world governing bodies for citizens’ safety and the decrease in infections.

Some people don’t take the restrictions seriously, however. Indiscipline is one reason, and others defend their rights to do as they please at others’ expense.

Others are carelessly going about their affairs. As we highlight the mistakes many are making; we hope there will be more awareness and compliance as we go about shopping.

11. Allowing Cashiers To Handle Your Stuff

Although cashiers are allowed to handle your items, this is an extra safety precaution for those at high risk. Circumstances dictate that we social distance and minimize contact with others; this includes grocery store cashiers. They have to cash-out many customers daily and are at a high risk of infection.

Inform the cashier gently but firmly that you will hold up your items for them to scan to calculate your purchases. You can then pack your bag. It is best if you bring your own bag. This way, you prevent them from coming into contact with your things, which is best for both of you. Keep in mind that it is much easier to do this when you aren’t buying many things.

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