Mistakes People Are Making at Stores Right Now

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10. Angry at The Return Policy

Return Policy Pandemic

Stores that generally have generous return policies are now stipulating what they will take back and under what condition. Understandably, people get angry and react in frustration when they can’t get back their money. It’s best to ask about the store’s return policy before purchasing. It makes no sense to argue with the staff as they don’t make the rules.

9. Sampling Before You Buy

Sample Store

Personal items such as lotions, lipsticks, spice mixes, jellies and other products are taboo for sampling! Even before COVID-19, it wasn’t a very sanitary thing to be sampling products, although it was tolerated.

It is now a dangerous habit that can transfer the virus and other sicknesses. It is advisable not to accept samples offered at any store and do not ask for samples either. Also, you should not be opening items on your own for sampling.