Mistakes People Are Making at Stores Right Now

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4. You Don’t Buy In Bulk


When you buy in bulk, it’s a sure way of keeping your cost down in these times when we are stretching every dollar! Larger packages of food and household items can cost more overall, but the unit cost is cheaper.

Stores often give discounts when you buy in bulk also. Plus, your coupons may only be valid if you buy in multiples. So, you save all around, and this cuts down on your trips to the store. There is no need to take all of the toilet paper off of the shelves, though. Be reasonable!

3. Not Social Distancing

Social Distancing

The new accepted social distancing is six feet apart. Everyone knows that by now. It’s not a choice we get to make. It’s a health standard and directive from the World Health Organization (WHO). Many people will feel threatened when you are in their space because you are putting their health at risk.