Mistakes People Are Making at Stores Right Now

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Shopping takes on new meaning these days. Many shopping mistakes become a danger to ourselves and others. New protocols are everywhere due to the pandemic, and everyone is well aware of them by now. They are protocols mandated by the world governing bodies for citizens’ safety and the decrease in infections.

Some people don’t take the restrictions seriously, however. Indiscipline is one reason, and others defend their rights to do as they please at others’ expense.

Others are carelessly going about their affairs. As we highlight the mistakes many are making; we hope there will be more awareness and compliance as we go about shopping.

11. Allowing Cashiers To Handle Your Stuff

Cashier Covid

Although cashiers are allowed to handle your items, this is an extra safety precaution for those at high risk. Circumstances dictate that we social distance and minimize contact with others; this includes grocery store cashiers. They have to cash-out many customers daily and are at a high risk of infection.

Inform the cashier gently but firmly that you will hold up your items for them to scan to calculate your purchases. You can then pack your bag. It is best if you bring your own bag. This way, you prevent them from coming into contact with your things, which is best for both of you. Keep in mind that it is much easier to do this when you aren’t buying many things.

10. Angry at The Return Policy

Return Policy Pandemic

Stores that generally have generous return policies are now stipulating what they will take back and under what condition. Understandably, people get angry and react in frustration when they can’t get back their money. It’s best to ask about the store’s return policy before purchasing. It makes no sense to argue with the staff as they don’t make the rules.

9. Sampling Before You Buy

Sample Store

Personal items such as lotions, lipsticks, spice mixes, jellies and other products are taboo for sampling! Even before COVID-19, it wasn’t a very sanitary thing to be sampling products, although it was tolerated.

It is now a dangerous habit that can transfer the virus and other sicknesses. It is advisable not to accept samples offered at any store and do not ask for samples either. Also, you should not be opening items on your own for sampling.

8. Cash Payment

Cash Payment Covid

Many different types of germs can travel on cash and checks. That is well known. Many stores now prefer you to pay electronically. It makes sense to figure out a cashless solution for your payments when you shop.

This method is safer and more hygienic for everyone. Use a credit card or online payment. Also, a phone app such as ApplePay is recommended to be used until things return to normal.

7. Picking Up Everything

Covid 19 Pandemic Shopping

It is considered bad etiquette now to pick up everything that you look at in a store. Even though it’s hard to shop without touching things, you ought to avoid doing so as much as possible!

It is inconsiderate and negligible to be doing so, as it can spread the virus and jeopardize people’s health. Keep handling to a minimum by picking up just what you need. Wearing gloves does not change a thing, as you can still contaminate while wearing them.

6. Trying On Clothes

Store Clothing

The fitting rooms at most stores are closed since the pandemic. Many people, however, indiscriminately try on shoes, jewelry, purses, hats or clothing.

You will have to go by the tag size or hold it against your body while looking in a mirror. You will be limiting contamination in both ways. If fitting rooms are still open, you should use disinfectant to spray or wipe the area.

5. Being Sassy About Inventory

Angry Customer Covid 19

Most retail stores have limited stock presently, and sometimes it’s a challenge finding what you need. Complaining and venting your displeasure won’t increase the supply chain. Choose to do what is productive for you. Settle for the inventory available or try shopping online. Things will be in short supply for a while!

4. You Don’t Buy In Bulk


When you buy in bulk, it’s a sure way of keeping your cost down in these times when we are stretching every dollar! Larger packages of food and household items can cost more overall, but the unit cost is cheaper.

Stores often give discounts when you buy in bulk also. Plus, your coupons may only be valid if you buy in multiples. So, you save all around, and this cuts down on your trips to the store. There is no need to take all of the toilet paper off of the shelves, though. Be reasonable!

3. Not Social Distancing

Social Distancing

The new accepted social distancing is six feet apart. Everyone knows that by now. It’s not a choice we get to make. It’s a health standard and directive from the World Health Organization (WHO). Many people will feel threatened when you are in their space because you are putting their health at risk.

2. Mask Under Nose and Chin

Face Mask Covering

Shoppers and employees seem to be in a tangle about the proper way to wear masks in stores. Despite all the political and ideological wrangling over mask-wearing, it’s a health mandate. Wearing the mask correctly (over your nose and mouth) will prevent you and others from a trip to the hospital.

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1. You Forget To Sanitize Your Cart

Sanitize Cart

You may think you look paranoid when you get out your sanitizing wipes and clean your cart handle, but a study found that 70% of shopping carts have E. coli.

Another study showed that restrooms have fewer germs than shopping carts! So, imagine how easily COVID-19 can spread from shopping carts. Even if the store employees are disinfecting them, you don’t know how well they did it. I mean, imagine how tired they are of disinfecting every cart.

In closing, we hope this encourages you to be careful and considerate. Take these safety precautions, and return home as safely as possible. The “new normal” means some adjustments, but we can still enjoy life the best way we can.