Most and Least Expensive Grocery Stores

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Grocery Stores

It is always a challenge to find the best rated and highest valued items at the grocery store. In light of the pandemic, we take a new perspective on how we shop and where we shop.

When you find yourself having financial problems, everything seems expensive no matter where you shop. But, some grocery stores are more costly than others. Continue reading as we explore the different grocery store options and how pricey they are.

Most Expensive:

The Fresh Market

Fresh Market

This store is one of the most expensive stores nationwide. As a supermarket chain, The Fresh Market charge exorbitant food prices when compared to other stores.

Saving Advice reveals that when you shop at the supermarket chain, you get overcharged for items that you can get for a lower price at other grocery stores or a farmer’s market. Most of their products, however, are of high quality and locally produced.

Harris Teeter 

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a southern grocery chain that many people rely on to do their shopping. You may want to stay clear of this chain, however, to avoid high prices. The Charlotte Observer reports that it is now owned by Kroger and competes with Publix.

This action tells you that they are not offering rock bottom prices as other supermarket chains. But, they have reduced the price of organic and perishable groceries. They attract Fresh Market and Whole Foods customers, who would typically purchase these items from their stores.



Acme also finds itself on the most expensive list of stores. Philadelphia Magazine classifies Acme as the most expensive grocery store of the four different Philadelphia grocery stores. They are more expensive than Whole Foods, which many shoppers believe is the most costly option.

Giant Eagle—Cheaper Than Some

Giant Eagle

The supermarket chain has some of the priciest items in the country. Locations in Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, but if you live in one of these states, you may want to seek other options.

However, Penn Live reports that Giant Eagle may end up being cheaper than other grocery stores in that region, like Wegmans, Karns, Weis. But it’s still a long way from being the most economical alternative for shoppers.

Jewel Osco

Jewel Osco

This Midwest supermarket chain lands on the list of most expensive in the states. According to Forbes, the chain has become complacent, especially in the Chicago area.

Many of their stores are dark and shabby and not updated. They are also poorly stocked, and the staff seems overworked and uninspired. That coupled with high prices, makes this store quite unappealing. 

Least Expensive:



People everywhere rave about Costco. Consumer reports put them on the least expensive grocery store in the nation. It’s all about low prices, they say. Costco bulk items may not be for everyone, and some people think that a big-box warehouse store like Costco is not sustainable. But those who know what to buy at Costco will make a trip to the wholesale giants worthwhile. It has the potential of being one of the cheapest shopping experiences for you.

Aldi Food Market


According to Clarke Howard, Aldi offers some of the lowest prices in America. It’s a discount supermarket that is loved by shoppers nationwide. Aldi can afford to give excellent prices as they are not concerned with expensive name brand items.

Rather, their items are privately labeled, and they have a smaller selection of items than other traditional supermarkets. The store is not as pretty either, but the prices are pretty and attract customers.

Market Basket

Market Basket

This supermarket chain has locations in the northeast. Market Basket keeps its prices low by stocking all its stores with the same products. It also helps that they buy in large quantities. stated that although Market Basket is a small chain, they beat Walmart at their own game by keeping their stores clean and easy to navigate. They also are well stocked with the items people love. Plus, the customer service is good, and the staff seems happy to be at work.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joes

Here is another great grocery store with low prices. Business Insider reveals that the company keeps prices low by selling their own private label products instead of name brands. Trader Joe’s has a large portion of the market locked.

They buy from suppliers and create their own style of production that customers get nowhere else. People also are willing to wait in long lines to get that special item from the store that sells a large variety of food items.



Check out this grocery chain if you live in a western state. According to Consumer Reports data, WinCo is one of the cheapest stores to buy groceries in the states. There was a time when experts said that WinCo was Walmart’s worst nightmare. They buy directly from farmers and factories. As a result, you’ll notice savings when you shop at WinCo.

Shopping at any of these grocery stores can be a pleasure if the price is right for you. Of course, getting the best for less is always the way to go. Shoppers are getting smarter when it comes to purchasing practices during the pandemic. So spend wisely and get value for your money. Happy shopping!