Technology We Absolutely Do Not Need

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Technology We Absolutely Do Not Need

With all the amazing modern technology that has trickled down from the elite to every corner of daily life, one has to marvel. But not all is good. Many modern inventions seem world-changing but are just rubbish things we’ve over-innovated.

Animated Movie Theater Menus

Animated Movie Theater Menus

Netflix and other streaming businesses have gotten traditional movie theaters in trouble. Ticket sales were lagging. Something had to change, and so some chains renovated. The larger chains started renovating their theaters to make their seats cushy, some added bars, and many expanded their menus so an entire date can be condensed into one building.

Now the movie theater concession stand menus have gone from popcorn, candy, and fountain drinks to four types of flatbread pizza, six different pretzels, eight flavors of popcorn that can be mixed into over 40,320 combinations. A cheeseburger that’ll make you miss the first act of the movie since it takes 25 minutes to make. And is it unethical to spend $87 for a large popcorn-and-soda combo? Now you actually have to read the extensive menu.

High-def monitors display the menus. Movie theaters try to justify the wasted technology by showing you the food you can order by showing videos of soda splashing and popcorn flying and chicken tenders flopping about while you’re trying to choose between nachos or an eight-pound glazed ham.

Pre-Recorded Drive-Thru Messages

Pre Recorded Drive Thru Messages

Drive-thrus are about convenience and simplicity. Small improvements have further simplified the process without adding extra hurdles, for example, making one drive-thru into two and then making you read things the cashier types. But there’s no reason to turn elementary school arithmetic into quantum physics. For example, some fast food HQ funny guy thought it would be hysterical if someone rolled up and said: “Hello,” then an aggressive voice immediately tries to sell them an apple pie. After being declined, an entirely separate disinterested voice asks, “may I take your order” as if the first voice never existed.

Hey, drive-thru teen, we both heard some other woman recite a pie speech. Where did she go? I want to talk to her again. I don’t want to give part of my order to one person and then another part to someone else.

Embedded Videos Following You Down the Page

Embedded Videos Following You Down The Page

Imagine an auto-playing video on a website that dislodges itself from the top of the page and follows you down as you scroll. That is the closest thing to being followed by a slasher movie villain. As quickly as you scroll down and no matter how you try to hide, it’s always only one step behind you.

Sites do this because they can no longer earn advertising money due to ad blockers. Now sites have to adapt. Much of the internet pretends to be free but actually depends on ads. When you block ads, this means less revenue for every website you visit, including the ones you enjoy. Ad blockers were originally designed to be a weapon to keep intrusive ads at bay. Unfortunately, we may be overusing them. It’s now a battle – you turn your ad blocker on, and the site tells you that you can’t access it with the blocker activated. They convince you to turn off your adblocker, and then a video chases you to the ends of the Earth, forever.