Ten Secrets about Shopping at Target

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Target Store

Target has a lot of fans. It’s a fun place to shop. Here are some interesting facts to think about while you’re shopping for back-to-school supplies in the days to come.

10. Green Roofs

To achieve greater energy efficiency, some Target stores have installed green roofs. Green roofing is a way to improve insulation, absorb rainwater, mitigate the heat island effect, create a habitat for wildlife, and make building esthetically pleasing. Buildings may be designed to have dirt and grass planted on a waterproof membrane on the roof, or place containers with plants on an existing surface, although this may not be considered a true green roof.

Two locations with green roofs are found in Chicago. The Target in the Loop area has a 7,128 ft2 green roof covering about 10% of the building’s rooftop. Visitors to the Sears Tower can observe it. A second retail store on the northwest side also has a green roof. This one covers about 10,000 ft2. The plants on these roofs include Sedum, Fresteranum, Dragon’s Blood, and Bailey’s Gold.

9. No Guns

Target has made their position about guns clear: they do not sell firearms or ammunition and do not allow customers to carry guns in their stores. This is a logical choice since no one needs a gun while he or she is shopping for socks. Some people saw this ban as political since Republicans are famously pro-guns, and Democrats are not. In 2017, nearly 40,000 people in the US died from gun wounds, that’s more than 100 a day. Hopefully, fewer guns and less ammunition in circulation could lower this number.

8. Teacher Discount

Teacher Discount

Every year Target offers a 15% discount to educators when the school year is about to begin. This discount is usually only available for a week, but this year, teachers have six weeks to take advantage of the deal. From Jul. 19 through Aug. 29 “K-12 teachers, homeschoolers, daycare/early learning educators, university or college professors, and vocational/trade/technical school teachers” can receive the discount on one purchase online or in-store. There’s more information for teachers on Target’s website.

7. Target Requires Masks

Wear Masks

Anyone who wants to shop at Target needs to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Target also requires all employees to wear masks. This new policy came into effect on Jul. 20. Previously, more than 80% of its stores already had a similar rule in place, but the corporate office extended it to include all its retail centers.

Not everyone is happy about this policy. A Rolex wearing customer famously destroyed a display of masks in an Arizona store mid-June.

6. Target and Black-Owned Brands

For online shoppers, it will be easier to buy products from companies that have Black owners. Target’s website now labels these brands with a neutral colored heart badge so that people who are looking to support these brands can do so more easily. They have implemented this badge as a result of customer feedback. Some of the brands currently toting the badge include Cantu, Iman Cosmetics, The Honey Pot, The Lip Bar, and Black Girl Sunscreen.

5. Minimum Wage

While the minimum wage set by the federal government is $10.80 per hour, Target pays its workers a minimum wage of $15 an hour. This initiative started on Jul. 5. Target had previously been paying $15 an hour as an incentive to workers during the pandemic, but now they’ve announced that it is here to stay. This is not surprising, though. In 2017, Target published plans to raise the minimum pay to $15 an hour by 2020.

4. Halloween Costumes for Everyone

Target Halloween

Target sells a line of Halloween costumes called Hyde & EEK! These costumes are adaptive and sensory-friendly—that means that kids with physical disabilities or sensory issues will be able to use them when trick-or-treating. The costumes have features like open backs, hidden pockets, openings for abdominal access, removable accessories, and wheelchair fits. The designs include robots, dragons, space travelers, mermaids, and unicorns. The senior vice president of Target, Julie Guggemos, said, “Whether you’re simply getting dressed every day or dressing up for special moments like Halloween, everyone deserves to feel included and celebrated, and at Target, we know that great, inclusive design makes all the difference.”

3. Pick up and Delivery

Target offers three services for people who want to streamline their shopping experience. For “order pickup,” customers have to place an order online, and it will be available for them to pick up at their nearest Target store in just a few hours. The “drive-up service” takes this one step further, providing curbside customer service. Both of these services are free. Target’s delivery service is called “Shipt.” Customers can subscribe to this service for $99.99 annually or pay $9.99 each time they want to have their purchase delivered.

2. Target Uses Solar Energy

Target just finished installing solar panels on the roof of its location in Napa Valley. This means that the company has solar panels at 500 of its stores. The solar panels provide between 15% and 40% of the electricity each retailer requires. By 2030, the company plans to get 100% of its energy from renewable sources. They say that they’re already a quarter of the way there.

1. Bullseye the Target Mascot

Target Mascot

Target’s mascot is a white bull terrier named Bullseye. While the character is male, the dogs that usually play Bullseye in commercials are often female. The current Bullseye lives on a ranch outside of Los Angeles. Target uses a stuffed animal version of Bullseye for special events and employee recognition.