The Top 10 Least Reliable Cars in the Industry

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Before spending your hard-earned money on a new or used vehicle, it is helpful to know which cars in Consumer Reports’ 2019 Annual Auto Survey made the top ten least reliable cars list. Continue reading, and you might change your mind about which car you are thinking about purchasing.

10. Chevrolet Traverse

Chevy Traverse
Source: Wikimedia Commons

According to Consumer Reports’ 2019 Annual Auto Survey, the Chevy Traverse is the 10th worst car for overall reliability. The car had been recalled due to structural issues. Not only that but an article published by says that the Traverse’s fuel efficiency doesn’t hold up against that of other SUVs.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the 2019 Traverse that’s disappointing consumers. According to the Moneywise article, customers have told Consumer Reports that the 2020 Traverse has problems with its transmission, in-car electronics, and power equipment as well.