20 U.S. States With the Worst Winters

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These States Have The Worst Winters

Winter can be harsh in many parts of the world. It’s cold out, pipes freeze, lips, noses, and cheeks get rough and raw. Plus, it can be hard to dress well while staying warm. Snow hats look cool till you want to take them off inside, and your hair is a hot mess.

There are states other than the ones below that can expect at least a few bouts of nasty winter weather, but they experience nothing like what these 20 states can expect in the winter months.

Here’s a ranking of the states with the worst winters.

20. New York

Winter New York

Relative to other cities such as Boston or Chicago, New York has comparatively mild winters. Although New Yorkers might brag about their Winters being slightly less harsh than other regions, they still have to endure some freezing cold weather. New York Cities Central Park has an average seasonal snowfall of 28.6 inches.