These States Have the Worst Winters

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These States Have The Worst Winters

Winter sucks. It’s cold out, pipes freeze, lips, noses, and cheeks get rough and raw. And, snow hats look cool till you want to take them off inside, and your hair is a hot mess.

But what’s the MOST alarming state within the icy depths of winter? Here’s a ranking of the winters in every state, from best winter to worst winter.

50-39. Hawaii, Arizona, California, Florida, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, North Carolina

These states have very little to no winter. Within California, Texas, and North Carolina, there are multiple climates inside the state. Overall, the states are quite tame once it involves winter messes.

38-21. Colorado, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, Delaware, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Rhode Island

This is a cluster of states that has some serious winter blasts, as well as some downright mild years. Many of them are in the middle of the country or at such a Northern latitude as to expect some big winter messes. The bottom line with these states is that winter is challenging to predict. All can expect at least a few bouts of nasty winter weather, but nothing like what the top 20 states for worst winters can expect.

20. New York

Regardless of the weather, New Yorkers can be counted on for being loud whenever they speak. They will either bloviate about how tough and superior they are, or demand that the rest of the planet stops moving until they, the superior New Yorkers, get all the world’s resources to escape the latest storm. Cities near the border with Canada always rank in the top 10 cities with the most inches of snowfall.

19. Connecticut

Here you can find the same awful conditions as the rest of the New England area, but none of the winter sports benefits. And yes, we’re investigating Mohawk, Ski hour, AND Mount Southington.

18. Washington

On the one hand, the mountains are beautiful in winter. On the other hand, going there requires driving through cold, sideways rain, and sleet. Though, the never-ending rain in most of the state breeds some nice music.

17. Oregon

There’s nothing better than going to Crater Lake with your snowshoes. Enthusiasts can snowboard down Mt. Hood or Bachelor. The coast is wild – it can be 70 degrees and sunny, or it can be raining sideways and cold. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with Portland hipsters that complain that it’s raining for five months and still refuse to shop for umbrellas.

16. Indiana

The Region (that’s the creatively named northwest corner of the state, for the uninitiated) gets the worst of it. A foot of snow can simply plan to show up and punch people in the face. Also, I-65, the state’s main artery, can turn to a frozen, inhospitable hellscape until the state shuts it down, forcing traffic onto equally dubious state highways.

15. New Hampshire

A general discomfort creeps into the New Hampshire once they understand you can’t race NASCAR once you’re obtaining seventy inches of snow. Instead, New England has to somehow survive by hoping someone tilled and preserved Interstate ninety-three.

14. Ohio

There are three distinct winter weather patterns in Ohio. Up there by that Great Lake, you get those bursts that last 15-60 minutes and drop enough snow to bury the entire pro football team. The middle of the state, where the capital city is, is a lot like the states ranked 38-21 on this list. Then there’s the southwest section, the part many people believe is just Kentucky without actually being in Kentucky. In this area, the weather might resemble either Florida or Minnesota – you just can’t tell which one is coming until it arrives.

13. Illinois

Everyone knows the legend of the winters in the Windy City. However, the individuals there manage to fight over whether or not a combination of plastic field chairs constitutes indefinite rights to a shoveled-out parking place post-snowfall. In the middle of the state, things tend not to be quite as dangerous, aside from the very fact that you’re in the middle of the state. Snow removal is usually very efficient, and everyone’s pretty smart at drinking enough to believe the Bears might actually be good.

12. Wyoming

Even with moose-sized buckets of snow everyplace, it’s so pretty at the Grand Tetons that you simply can’t presumably be miserable. Also, those crucial chinook winds that bailed out Nebraska conjointly compress the bitterest of the cold here. it’s the handsome middle kid of the West: as awkward as Idaho, or virtually as fierce and cold as its huge brother Montana, and somewhat blind to the very fact that it’s even tangentially associated with the Dakotas.

11. Iowa

One January, there was a whiteout-style blizzard, and a truck jack-knifed on I-80, and there was the most important hold up in recent Iowa history. All of the Iowans looked as if it would take this in good spirits with a suspiciously friendly Midwest-ness, presumably as a result of Iowa has got to influence an excellent confluence of rotten weather – snowstorms within the winter; fifty days of thunderstorms; a mean of forty-seven tornadoes a year (in 2008 there have been 105). Even Wikipedia calls their winters “harsh.”

10. Massachusetts

Would you like slightly hotter winters on the coast with heavier snowfall? Or savagely harsh baseball-bat-to-your-ears cold in Western and Central Mass with slightly less snow? Either means the state tends to make a decent job improvement; thus, you’ll get to the nearest Newbury Comics and get additional copies of previous Dropkick Murphy’s albums for your grandchildren. Plus, the sports groups win enough that you simply} will just lie on the couch drinking Ocean Spray Cran-Grape juice and Bully Boy vodkas till all the nor’easters are over.

9. Montana

Did you recognize that the divide will produce distinct variations in daylight, wind, precipitation, and temperature, counting on whether or not you’re within the western a part of the state? Did you recognize that each one the unacceptable celebrities THAT thought it’d be “rustic” to possess a ranch up there aren’t taking advantage of their property in January? Wait… perhaps that’s a positive.

8. Idaho

If you happen to measure up at the highest of Idaho’s chimney, up Route two by Bonners Ferry or on the far side, you primarily board the North American nation. As such, you aren’t protected by those pretty chinook winds we tend to keep talking concerning. However, you may have an opportunity to urge cheaper pharmaceuticals; thus it balances out. However, as a result of most of Gem State isn’t therein chimney, and is somewhat relatively temperate to different western climes, you get made Carolina individuals beginning in big-ticket fur-lined ski wear to use your facilities in Sun depression. And if we’ve learned something, we’ve learned made Carolina individuals don’t travel places with brutal winters.

7. Wisconsin

It’s much state law that each block in a very Wisconsin town or city should have a minimum of 3 bars on that. There’s a level of frigidness here which will solely be combatted with liberal doses of previous liquor Fashioneds and noticed Cow beside varied varieties of cooked farm merchandise. If you go tailgating at Lambeau once inexperienced Bay’s buried beneath feet of snow, you’ll notice that each one these individuals are intoxicated for seventy-two straight days, and it’s all planning to come back unmitigated down eventually, possibly about some head-scratching game management.

6. South Dakota

Your average extreme temperature throughout the winter months is four degrees above Peace Garden State’s, and also, the Black Hills are terribly pretty once buried beneath the snow.

5. Maine

More than eightieth of Maine’s land is forests. There are entire large thousand-mile swaths of land that are untenanted or barely clothed, which is as a result of northern Maine has winters that are brutal and unending. The coast and also the south – wherever individuals truly live – have a lot of moderate winters, because of the Atlantic. However, the Down Easter angle toward winter may be a nice one. All of them appear pretty pink-slipped up to ski and sled despite not planning to eat lobster or blueberries for several months. They conjointly tend to be rather more upbeat than Bostonians, THAT invariably wish to faux “we’re obtaining it the worst and therefore are the strongest.” which angle (and the overall lack of individuals within the real harsh stuff) prevents Maine and its Longest Winters from pushing even farther down the road.

4. North Dakota

In Downtown raptor, Chuck Klosterman writes of an asleep Peace Garden State city during which the happenings are mundane till a vast, unforgiving blizzard sweeps through and (spoiler alert) kills all three of the protagonists.

3. Alaska

Look, if you’re taking things from a strictly, “how dangerous will things truly get, weather-wise” viewpoint, Alaska is clearly the quantity one alternative here. No different state has Brobdingnagian geographical stretches wherever an individual will say, “man, I haven’t seen the sun in months,” and mean it.

2. Michigan

In the Mitten State, winter can last up to six months. It can start shortly after Halloween and stretch past Resurrection Sunday. You can see lower thermometer readings and larger snow accumulation totals in other areas. However, Michigan winters are made worse by the sheer volume of days where sunshine is absent.

A native describes winter this way: “Your workday ends at 5:00. But nighttime has already arrived. All the roads are dark and covered with that nasty sludge that completely coats your vehicle within the first mile of the drive home. By the time you get up in the morning – and it’s still dark – everything is frozen. In vain, you attempt to clean the vehicle. You will be late for work because some goofball driving his SUV has careened into a ditch. Everyone else stops to gawk at it. Well, at least we don’t have any huge hills to make the commute worse, I guess.

“There are no winter games other than bowling. You are guaranteed to get fatter. You might be lucky enough to have a snowmobile, but it’s loud and cumbersome to put into use. You convince yourself everything is better when the Tigers play their first baseball game in April. The tickets cost stupid money, and it’s still only 47 degrees, but you go anyway. Perhaps in the sixth inning or so, the sun will appear for 10 seconds, and everyone cheers like we just won the World Series. Winter in Michigan may be a miserable, miserable time.”

1. Minnesota

Despite the miserable conditions, the people of Minnesota are generally a happy lot. However, we expect that below that eternal Nordic happiness is inner pain. We suppose they manage to be this way because every conceivable climate is present during the winter. The part of the state near the border with Canada might see 14 feet of snow. The temperature might get worse than 50 degrees below zero – a thermometer reading that will cause physical damage in just a couple of minutes. Other than a little lake-side spot, there is nothing to stave off the worst winds and snowstorms.

So yes, Minnesota has the worst winter. And they are allowed to be at least a little miffed about it.