Things You Shouldn’t Do at Stores Right Now

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Grocery shopping brings out all kinds of behavior – the best, the worst, and the ugliest. It’s especially challenging these days. There are some things you should re-consider, or completely abandon, doing in the store. Here are some of them. These not only apply during the pandemic but should be addressed whenever you shop.

Putting Items in the Wrong Place

Putting Items In The Wrong Place

It’s inconvenient to put something back in the right place. But you will make life easier for the staff.

Former supermarket assistant Joanne Archer of Expert Home Tips says that when customers leave items strewn all over the store, it makes them less efficient at their jobs, and more irritable to boot.

“A birthday card with TV dinners? Ice cream by the chips? The store looks messy, and food placed in the wrong place can spoil,” said Archer.

“Spoiled food and time spent cleaning make things cost more. It becomes less likely that lower prices and sales will be offered,” she added.

Arriving Five Minutes Before Closing for Weekly Shopping

Arriving Five Minutes Before Closing For Weekly Shopping

There probably won’t be many staff members able to help you when it’s close to closing time.

Just as it’s viewed as rude to demand to be seated in a restaurant a few minutes before closing time, strolling into your local grocery store just before closing time is not appreciated.

“If you want to buy a month’s worth of groceries, don’t show up at closing time. Yes, technically, it’s still open. However, stores usually can’t keep full staffing for an hour past their leaving time,” former grocery-store employee Emmi Buck says.

Yes, sometimes you can’t avoid that last-second trip. If you absolutely must go in at the last second, be quick, and only buy “must-have” items. Save the “would like to have” items for when you and the store have more time.