Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Can’t Sleep at Night

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Cant Sleep

Sleep is what every human being needs and not getting enough of it can cause serious consequences. Doctors all around the would tell the same thing, sleep is a way of the body recovering from a long day and is healthy for the mind. When you start forgetting, having difficulty concentrating during the day at work or school and you feel tired and week, but just can’t get enough sleep you could be suffering from insomnia or not sticking to a nightly routine which is an important part of getting a good night’s sleep. Insomnia is a medical condition that can be monitored and treated by a doctor, but some people just develop bad habits and fall into a certain nightly routine that some may not realize they have or how this bad habit is disturbing their beauty sleep. There are some factors that can cause sleep debridement, which is mostly caffeinated drinks, having a large meal right before going to be, or being around a lot of noise or light.

Turn on the Lights

Having the lights on while you sleep can be a distraction to your mind. The melatonin in your body helps you keep a healthy sleep pattern but if there is light nearby it can mistake it for daytime and signal your body to wake you up.

Staying on Your Phone or Computer

On Phone

Everybody knows that since the technology of phones and computers is rising by the day. Some people think that being on the phone or computer will help you sleep, sorry to disappoint, but it doesn’t, it is the complete opposite effect. The screens from your device produce a light that is known as blue light and this blue light can affect the melatonin in your body and cause your body and mind to stay awake.

Worrying About Not Sleeping

Thinking about something that is bothering you while you try to go to sleep is pretty common. You can go through a lot of stress during the day with work, family, and everyday duties. Getting a good night’s sleep can help you get more done the next day and have a more satisfying feeling. When you go to sleep that always tends to be the one time that your mind will not stop, having you lay in bed and think about the recent day or the upcoming duties for the next day. Try to put some peaceful music on at a low volume, clear your head and try to just listen to the music.

Stare at the Fridge

Stare Fridge

Everyone knows that if you can’t sleep or even if it’s just out of boredom the first thing that people think of is the fridge. Maybe if they eat enough and go back to bed with a full stomach sleep will reach them. This is not a habit you want to start. Eating a large meal before you go to sleep can make you gain weight and keep you up even longer because your body is trying to digest the food and it takes time for that process to finish.

Have a Drink

Having a drink of wine before you go to bed has been a debate for many years. Some doctors say it’s the best way to unwind prior to bedtime while others say it interrupts your sleep cycle within a few hours of sleep you are awake again. You may feel more tired and have a slight headache, but these signs are telling your body that alcohol is not the way for a bedtime routine.

Falling Asleep on the Couch

On Couch

Everyone knows that at some point in your life you are going to fall asleep with wanting to, its just something that happens. Sleeping on the couch can disrupt your sleep cycle because you do not enough room to stretch your body out which is important for your joints.  You also may wake up with a kink in your neck all because you were not laying just right like you do while you are in your bed. If you are on the couch and begin to feel tired, go to the bed and take a quick power nap which is usually 30 minutes to an hour. You will be surprised at how fresh your body feels just after a short nap.

Sleeping in the Next Day

It is always nice to think if you could just sleep in a little longer the next day then you would be more refreshed for the day, but that way of thinking could get you into trouble with your body. Not sticking to a normal sleep routine can cause confusion in your mind and disrupts your circadian rhythms leading to insomnia. If you do happen to sleep in a few hours no harm no foul just, try to get back into your nightly routine in the next few days.