Things Your Mail Carrier Wishes They Could Tell You

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In the era of escalating technologies and social media, mail carriers are not as relevant as twenty years ago, but still useful and doing its required functions.

Sadly, the US Postal Service is in debt and decline. Hopefully, the government devises a way to stem the decline.

It continues to be gratifying to go to your mailbox and receive mail that is of interest to you. Your friendly mail carrier needs his job, despite the downsides that come with it. Here are some things your mail carrier wishes they could tell you.

12. The US Postal Service is in trouble!

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The post carriers may not want to say it, but it is safe to say they are in trouble. “Deteriorating and unsustainable” is how the Accountable Officer of the government describes the financial status of the USPS.

The mail entity has lost $69 billion over the past few years. The implemented cost-saving measures have not improved the colossal financial slide, and things are getting worse every year.

11. Good news at the top

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Did you know your mail carrier puts your good news mail at the top of the pile in your mailbox? They know what a bill looks like, and those are unlikely to be good news unless you are getting a tax return! So, these get the lower place to give you the good news first. Isn’t that sweet! They can’t get rid of the bill for you, but they try to delay your stress.