Top 10 Airhead Anime Characters

Luffy Big

A group of people in anime is never complete without airhead characters. No matter what, whether it’s the leader or a side character, there has to be someone who is portrayed as the ditzy one. However, no matter how stupid they might be, airhead characters are still lovable. We bring to you a top ten list of airheads in anime!

10. Akihisa Yoshii from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

The main character of Baka to Test, Akihisa is the stupidest person in the Academy. He’s even nicknamed “Big Stupid Head”. But even though he’s an airhead, he’s very caring and cheerful, always ready to step in and help his friends out.

9. Himeko Katagiri from Pani Poni Dash!

Himeko is a lively and hyperactive girl who is the group’s big idiot. She’s relentlessly annoying her friends and classmates with her stupidity. Himeko also ends her sentences with “maho”, a meaningless catchphrase. She gets her never-ending energy from her cowlick that somehow has motions of its own.

8. Maylene from Black Butler

Maylene or Mey-Rin, is the Phantomhive household airhead maid. She’s dressed up in a maid’s uniform with thick, round glasses. Maylene respects both Sebastian and Ciel, and often becomes even clumsier in Sebastian’s presence as she has a crush on him. She is actually very skilled, but her thick glasses obscure her vision, making her ditzy and inept. She often trips on and breaks things, or knocks them over.

7. Yasuna Oribe from Kill Me Baby

Yasuna is a regular high school girl who is friends with an assassin and a ninja. Obviously, out of the three, Yasuna is the airhead. She is often interested in trivial things and always bored with them in the end. She is portrayed as being annoying, trying to play various practical jokes. But despite this Yasuna is also a caring girl.

6. Hosaka from Minami-ke

Although Hosaka is an airhead, he likes to put up a cool front. He has a habit of taking his clothes off in front of people. He is also considered to be a narcissist. He is the captain of the male volleyball club and is very good at cooking.

5. Italy from Hetalia

Italy is the main character of the show Hetalia: Axis Powers. He is a naive and cheerful man who represents the northern part of Italy. His human name is Feliciano Vargas. He’s the big airhead who loves pasta and rarely listens to Germany’s advice. He has an interest in cooking, fashion design, painting and singing. He is also a massive crybaby who relies a lot on Germany.

4. Yuuko Aioi from Nichijou

Yuuko Aioi from Nichijou is a lazy high school girl. She loves to crack jokes, however most of the time her jokes don’t come off as being funny. She is an airhead and a simpleton who is generally easy-going. Since Yuuko isn’t very intelligent, she often fails her tests. She also doesn’t do her homework and copies from her friends. Sometimes she greets her friends in Malay.

3. Mankanshoku Mako from Kill la Kill

Mako is silly girl who is best friends with the protagonist. She is energetic and cheerful. She is inseparable from her friends and family as she cares a lot about them. Since she’s such an airhead, she’s often unaware about threatening situations and isn’t intimidated by them. She has a love for food and obsesses about wealth. She is also a little bit lazy.

2. Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

Also known as “Straw Hat”, Luffy is the main character of One Piece. He’s also acts as the leader of the crew the Straw Hat Pirates. He appears to be an airhead who is obsessed with meat. Luffy’s dream is to find the One Piece and become Pirate King.

1. Yui Hirasawa from K-On!

Yui is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Hokago Tea Time. She is an airhead who is obsessed with cute things. She also likes holding hands and hugging her friends. She is also easily distracted, zoning out a lot. Yui is a care-free girl who is always looking to have fun. She cares about her friends and family a lot.

No matter how goofy airhead characters are, these guys have surely shown us how enjoyable they can be! Which idiot is your favorite character? Let us know in the comments below!