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Hi guys, I welcome you on All Time Lists. Today, I am going to write about my favorite video game and also the most played video game in the world "League of Legends". I am very excited about it and I hope you people will also be pumped up to jump straight into the top 10 amazing league of legends facts.

10. Most Watched eSport

Competitive gaming in the form of eSports is getting huge and League of Legends has been at the forefront of that over the past few years.
At 2015, League of Legends World finals, the teams SKT and Koo Tigers faced off in Berlin in front of 17,000 people. But the viewing figures of people streaming the game at home were even crazier.

At one point 14 million were watching the games at the same time and the total number of people who tuned in came to be 36 million people. That's the same amount of people who had watched the 2015 Oscars. Yeah!

9. 132 Champions

Top 10 Amazing League of Legends Facts

There are 132 Champions that you can play in the game. Furthermore, in every game your team is made up of five different champions. Some champions are more popular than others, so you might see similar combinations.

But if you ignore that and think " how many possible team combinations are there?", well, the answer is huge, it's apparently 37,118, 315, 520 different combinations which are roughly a lot.

Basically, a bazillion combinations and what's crazy is that this number increases every single time a new champion is released so that means this fact is probably already out of date if you're reading this and they've released a new champion.

8. Game Length

Top 10 Amazing League of Legends Facts

The average length of League of Legends game is between 30 to 35 minutes, that's how the game designers intended it to be and in the professional games, it's usually around that as well, give or take 10 minutes.

Well, in some rare cases, the games have been known to reach 60 minutes but the record for the longest professional game of all time goes to a 2013 game in Taiwan between HQ Sports Club and HK Attitudes that reach an astonishing 91 mins and 21 seconds long.

It's been three years since that record and nobody has played the pro game anywhere close to that.

7. References

Top 10 Amazing League of Legends Facts

League of Legends is packed with references to real people and real things. Now some of them, you guys might know, so I am going to try and give you some, that you might not.

The champion Tryndamere has his name from the Everquest username of the game's owner Mark Merrill. His wife "Ashley" is where the champion name "Ashe" comes from. Heimerdinger's name is the combination of scientists J. Robert Oppenheimer and Owen Schrodinger.

The item Athene's unholy Grail is named after popular streamer Athene and the item Ohmwrecker is named after a popular Youtuber. They got that after both of them achieved 1000 referrals to the game. There are a million more references like this.

6. Skins

Top 10 Amazing League of Legends Facts

There are hundreds of skins in the game to modify the look of the champion you're playing. The most common ones include Dreadknight Garen, Unchained Alistar, and Riot Girl Tristana. Some skins though can't even be obtained anymore and that makes them the rarest of all time. Those include UFO Corky, King Rammus, and Silver Kale.

5. Buffs and Nerfs

Top 10 Amazing League of Legends Facts

As like many other competitive games, Riot games has tried to balance the champions in League of Legends by making the game fairer with tweaks in the champions capabilities when they update their game. Now, these are called buffs, they strengthen the champion's capabilities.

The champion with most buffs in the game is Miss fortune with nine buffs and the champion with the most nerfs is Kassadin with a whopping 11 nerfs. Sounds pretty harsh, right! and Kassadin has only been buffed three times which makes him the most changed champion in the whole game.

4. First Characters

Top 10 Amazing League of Legends Facts

When the Riot game designers were designing the game, the first champion they ever designed was the one and only "Singed". Although he wasn't implemented into the game until a later date.

This was shortly followed by the lights of Danny, Sion, Severe, Twisted fate and the rest is history. Like I earlier mentioned in this list, there are now 132 champions in League of Legends and counting.

3. Challenger Eat for Free

Top 10 Amazing League of Legends Facts

There was once a Sushi restaurant in China called "King's Banquet", that offered the public a discounted meal based on their personal rank in League of Legends.

  • Gold Players got 10 percent off.
  • Platinum players got 20 percent off.
  • Diamond players got 30 percent off.
  • And if a challenger player walked in, he/she would get a free meal.

Despite challenger players only making up the very top 0.01 percentage of the player base. Six challenger players once walked into the restaurant to claim their free meal. It might sound crazy to some of you guys but I think it was actually an awesome promotion for them. Everyone is now talking about the restaurant and the free Sushi.

2. Weird Sound Effects

Top 10 Amazing League of Legends Facts

Riot is known for using a whole bunch of voice artists and sound effects for their game but one of the strangest has to be what they did for Zac. He's a giant bouncing piece of glue who makes all kinds of those sloppy noises.

According to the sound composer behind that, those noises was actually made by filling a condom with dog food and beans and then slapping it against the wall. Yeah, so with that in mind do hear Zac's voice one more time!

1. League of Legends eSports Scholarship

Top 10 Amazing League of Legends Facts

In March 2016, the University of California announced that it is now offering a League of Legends eSports scholarship. Yeah, welcome to this new age.
Every year, they offer 10 International Scholarships for League of Legends players and Riot hopes this will help League of Legends players to kick-start their college leagues and eventually raise this game to the same level as college football.

Yea I know that might sound crazy to some people but League of Legends and eSports, in general, have been growing so fast in recent years that what sounds crazy one year will sound totally normal the next. So, who knows what the future holds?

Maybe we see LOL in Olympics some day!


Alright guys, so, there you have it, our list of top 10 amazing League of Legends facts. Hope you have enjoyed this list. Eager to have your precious feedback in the comments.