Ebichu is not kid-friendly

Do you ever see something adorable, but then it turns out it’s not for kids? It goes without saying that the majority of people who watch anime are teenagers and kids. There are a few series made for a more mature audience but there’s many more dedicated to younger people. However, it isn’t often that you come across something that looks like it’s a children’s show, but you’re proven completely wrong. We’ve compiled some anime that looks and maybe even sounds like it’s some show for kindergartners, but it really isn’t. Here are top ten anime that are not for kids!

10. Mitsudomoe

mitsudomoe is not for kids

With it’s very adorable character design, Mitsudomoe is a story about eleven-year-old triplets. Mitsuba, Futaba and Hitoha. But instead of acting like regular cute triplets, these kids are sadistic and perverted. They are far more mature than they seem and exhibit qualities of fully grown men sometimes. The victim of their antics is usually their young home-room teacher, Mr. Satoshi. Satoshi is rendered helpless most of the time and can’t do anything to stop their abuse.

9. Don Dracula

don dracula is not for kids

Don Dracula seems like it’s a nice show for children. You know, the kind where they talk about folk tales about the Dracula and so on? But Don Dracula is not for kids at all.The show is about Earl Dracula, he has moved to Japan from Transylvania. He lives with his daughter Chocola and his butler Igor. Don Dracula is full of slapstick comedy and hilarious horror. The series follows Earl Dracula’s troubles in modern day Japan as nobody really believes in vampires.

8. HenSemi TV

Hen Semi is not for kids

Matsuka Nanako is a young girl and just like any young girl willing to impress her crush, she joins the seminar he is in. Unfortunately for Nanako, the seminar is an “Abnormal Physiology” seminar. The activities that take place often border on sexual harassment. Classmates and assignments given to them are equally weird and questionable.

7. Ishida and Asakura

Ishida and Asakura is not for kids

Ishida and Asakura is about two boys, Ishida and Asakura. There is not much plot here but is still enjoyable, if you are into that kind of comedy. Asakura is perverted and desires to be a teacher so he can be around a lot of girls. Ishida on the other hand seems to have feelings for Asakura and desires to open a flower shop with him.

6. Super Radical Gag Family

SRGF is not for kids

This is no ordinary family show! The reason this show's not for kids is because it’s full of crude and offensive humor. The family members are all eccentric in their own ways. But they come together to solve problems like annoying bullies and disturbing neighbors. Each day the Oosawagi family has a brand new, ridiculous adventure waiting for them.

5. Let’s Nupu Nupu

Let's Nupu Nupu is not for kids

“Nupu Nupu” is a sexual sound effect often used in Japanese onomatopoeia. From this, it should be clear that the series is not for kids. It looks like it might be, but it’s full of erotic humor. The series follows different characters, ranging from a desperate school nurse to a hard-working cat from a sushi shop. It was adapted from a 4-koma manga.

4. Ping Pong Club

really not for kids

Do you think this is a sports anime kids can watch? Well it’s not! Ping Pong Club is about a middle-school ping pong club. It’s full of comic situations that are not for kids! It is about the adventures of the club members as they fail to win at games, constantly losing to the girls’ team. In desperation, a saucy female manager is hired. The manager claims to reward them with something *wink wink* if they win. But will the boys be able to win a game at all to retrieve her prize?

3. Strange+

Strange+ is not for kids

One of the lead characters of Strange+ is an adorable, blue-haired Takumi. You might expect Takumi to be an innocent loli, but surprise, Takumi is actually a man. A grown man who is the leader of a private investigator’s firm. He acts like, sounds like and sometimes even dresses like a young girl but don’t let that fool you! The series makes no sense at all plotwise. But it’s hilarious and great to marathon. Takumi, his younger brother Kou and their partners from the firm, Miwa and Masamune work together to solve ridiculous problems.

2. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

PASWG is not for kids

It is explicitly clear from the title that this show is not for kids. It looks similar to a cool magical girl’s series, and may remind you of the Powerpuff Girls. But Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is crude, politically incorrect and full of sexual innuendos. Panty and Stocking are the lead characters who are ‘ex’-angels. They were banished from heaven because of, you guessed right, bad behavior. They have a chance to redeem themselves though. Watch the series to find out what happens in their adventures!

1. Oruchuban Ebichu Chan

Ebichu Chan is not for kids

Also known as Ebichu Chan, the Housekeeping Hamster, this series is about a small and cute animal. You might mistake it with the popular Hamtaro series, but this show is far from that. Very, very far. Ebichu Chan might look and act adorable, but she is not for kids! Although the show looks cute, it’s full of dark and sexual humor you will not expect. If you are into dark and erotic humor, this is the show you have to watch.


If you enjoy laughing at political incorrectness and being offensive, these are the series you need to check out. Unless you are a kid, then don't, cause clearly these are not for kids.

But anyways, let us know in the comments below, which anime tickled you the most!