Top 10 Benefits of Quitting Drinking

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Drinking is a highly social activity. Who doesn’t enjoy a cocktail or beer with friends after a long week at the office? But when drinking starts to encroach on your daily life, to the point of intoxication too frequently, your health starts to suffer. This happens to anyone who is drinking excessively, even if you work out daily and eat healthy. Alcohol takes a massive toll on the body. Over 65 million Americans report binge drinking at least once in the past month, per Talbot Recovery. When you decide to quit drinking however, amazing things can happen to your body, mind, and bank accounts and you will feel the benefits rather quickly. Keep reading for the most common positive side effects that happen when you quit drinking.

10. Saving Money

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Drinking costs quite a bit of money. If you’re drinking on a daily, or regular basis, you’re probably spending a pretty penny to support your buzz. By cutting back or quitting drinking, you’ll find that you have more money to spend on other, more positive, activities and habits. Take the money you would spend at the bar or at the liquor store and save up for a great trip or a new item for your home that you’ve had your eye on.

9. Improved Mental Health

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When not drinking, people generally have a more positive outlook and more stable overall mental health. Most people feel that their depression can lessen and anxiety can also decrease. More positive self-esteem and higher levels of motivation can also occur. Positive actions beget positive results!

8. Better Sleep

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People who quit drinking find that they sleep better and are more rested. When you are using alcohol to fall asleep, you’re not getting restful sleep. Alcohol causes a blood sugar drop in the middle of the night that causes you to wake up needing food or water and does not lend itself to a full night’s sleep.

7. Overall Physical Health

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Some physical health benefits are present right away and some are over longer periods of time. Generally, the first changes in health that occur are better digestion and a decrease in nausea, reduced headaches, weight loss, more energy, and improvements in your skin.

6. A New Attitude

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Another great benefit is that you may see a change in the way you view and relate to other people. You won’t be as self-centered with your thoughts and your relationships with friends, family, and even strangers on the street will improve! This is also due, in part, to being happier with yourself.

5. Recognizing Toxic Relationships

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When you’re drinking, especially if you drink with the same people a lot who are also drinking, you don’t realize that you are engaging in cyclical conversations and cyclical behaviors. Due to the impaired judgment that is caused by drinking, you may not realize that the people you are spending time with are enabling and supporting your poor choices. When you spend sober time with friends who continue to drink, you may find that you aren’t having as much fun as you thought you were.

4. True Friends

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On the flip side of the previous benefit, you will also find out who in your life is a positive influence. If you have a friend who is fine with your sobriety and does not pressure you to continue drinking, you’ll be so grateful. A great friend will want to spend time with you doing things that don’t involve alcohol. Maybe you can even participate in activities that will assist you with your new health lifestyle such as cooking classes or taking a nice hike.

3. Being Present

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When you stop drinking, you’ll find an overall sense of positive well-being. You’ll find that you are more present in your daily life and notice the positive in your life more frequently, rather than focusing on the negative and just going through the daily motions.

2. Looking Good

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Alcohol dehydrates you. This also means that your skin is heavily affected and imbibing heavily for long periods of time can age you very quickly. Once you start treating your body well and staying hydrated, you’ll find that you look fresher, younger, and more rested.

1. Increased Fertility

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Binging and heavy consumption of alcohol can interrupt a woman’s menstrual cycle and decrease fertility. If you would like to start a family soon or even in the future, one of the best changes you can make is to quit or cut way back on alcohol. Heavy drinking can also negatively affect male fertility.

In conclusion, there are many amazing benefits of quitting or greatly cutting back on alcohol usage – including looking better, feeling better, and relating better to others. If you’re feeling that you may be drinking too much, or that is affecting your daily life, take a little break and see how it feels. You may find that you’ve been masking negative parts of your life by drinking and now that you are more clear and able to address the negativity in a healthy and productive way.