Top 10 Craziest Addictions of All Time

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Craziest Addictions - All time lists

Everyone is addicted to something right? Most of the things are pretty normal, but then you have some really crazy stuff out there. These are the addictions that we are going to discuss today.

Yes, today our topic is the top 10 craziest addictions of all time. Some of us might not even aware of how crazy some people’s addictions can actually be until TLC came out with the show “My Strange Addiction”. Today, we’re going to explore some of these oddities.

10. Looking Like Justin Bieber

A lot of people wish that they could look like a celebrity, but 33-year-old Toby took it to an extreme when he went under the knife several times and spent 100 thousand dollars on plastic surgery. He did all this so he could look identical to Justin Bieber. The surgeries he had include a hair transplant, filler added above his eyebrows, skin removed from his eyelids, lip surgeries, and a chin shaping.

Personally, we don’t think he really looks that much like Justin Bieber. But hey, whatever makes you happy right?

9. Pool Toys

23-year-old Mark says that he is in 15 different relationships. Has this guy gone mad? 15 different relationships with pool toys, ok that’s a little strange. He does things with them that any normal couple does.

He eats with them, watches TV with them and of course, he goes swimming with them. He seems to have a really good time with pool toys, reminding us that some craziest addictions may look strange from the outside, but if they are making someone happy, no harm, no foul.

8. Being a Living Doll

Now, it may be common for some women to accentuate their makeup so that they can have a slimmer looking nose or larger eyes depending on where you live. Some people even refer to this as getting “dolled up”. However, some people take that to a whole new level. Some people put on a doll suits and have doll parties with their friends.

Here we have 70-year-old Robert. For the last 12 years, he likes to spend his spare time dressing up as Sherry (a famous doll character). He has a silicon face mask, a wig, and a full latex body suit. Robert says that he loves dressing up as Sherry because when he looks in the mirror, he doesn’t see a 70-year-old man, instead he sees a young exciting women. It’s a new culture and it’s growing rapidly!

7. Eating Couch Cushions

Not only is it strange, but it may also get pretty expensive having to always replace your couch. Adele Edwards has been zipping open her cushions on her couch and ripping off handfuls of foam inside and snacking on it for over 20 years.

She said that her addiction started at the age of 10 when her cousin forced her to rip off and eat her cushion. Ever since she has been hooked on one of the craziest addictions of all time. She’s been through a total of seven couches and two chairs.

6. Dirty Diapers Sniffing

Most people try to avoid diapers at all costs, however some people really enjoy the smell! A woman named Keisha says she love sniffing dirty diapers.

Her one contingency is that the diapers need to have pee in them. She says the heavier ones with more pee smell better. She likes to have a dirty diaper with her while she’s in the kitchen cooking, in her bedroom drawers and one of her bedside tables for a late night excursions. Yikes! What a weird addiction is this? No doubt one of the craziest addictions on this list.

5. Sexual Relationship with a Car

Now we all know men and their cars have a special bond, but this guy has taken it to another level. 27-year-old Nathaniel literally loves his car which he has named “Chase”. He is in a sexual relationship with his car. Now a lot of people would question, “How that’s even possible?” right!

Well, Nathaniel says it involves a lot of rubbing up against the car – but we’ll leave it at that. He said that this addiction began as a child and he spent a lot of time just hanging out in the family car as he didn’t have many friends. Then after he hit puberty, the addiction developed and feelings became stronger.

4. Drinking Nail Polish

We don’t know how people can even bite their nails wearing nail polish yet alone getting to the point of drinking the nail polish itself. It just freaks us out! Well, 23-year-old Bertha likes to pick up a bottle of nail polish over a bottle of water at any time.

She can drink up to five bottles of nail polish every day and her favorite flavors are any shade of blue or any color with glitter in it. Now, we don’t know whether nail polishes have any different flavors/ colors, but we guess they taste different. What a strange addiction!

3. Getting Stung by a Bee

Well, getting stung by a bee can be so painful, it is hard to guess why would anyone purposely do this. However, fifty-five-year-old Margaret is addicted to stinging herself with bees. She will sting herself all over her body from hip to the elbow, ankle, forehead and even at the tip of her nose. She’s been addicted to bees since for the past 12 years. When she started to stinging herself, it was to relieve her arthritis pain.

Using the bees from the beehives in her backyard, she says that in a single day she’s given herself 15 to 20 stings. Honestly, we can’t resist having this addiction added to its place among the list of the top 10 craziest addictions of all time.

2. Drinking Urine

A 53-year-old woman named Kerry who suffers from cancer is addicted to drinking urine. Most people offer chemotherapy or other traditional methods, but Kerry has decided to go on an alternative route which involves drinking her own urine.

So, not only she will she consume 80 ounces of her urine per day, she brushes her teeth with it, gargles with it and bathes in it. And as it turns out in 18th century France, it was common for women to bathe in their own urine.

Natural health care consultants have reported that urine can help skin conditions more than any cream currently on the market. Seems like a hefty price to pay for beauty!

1. Eating Husband’s Ashes

So, we gone over some craziest addictions you you probably haven’t heard of, but in our number 1 spot we have something very unique. This lady enjoys eating her husband’s ashes.

Apparently, there are people in the world who become so distraught when a loved one passes away that they carry their things with them wherever they go whether it be groceries, favorite movies or apparently ashes. We personally don’t want anyone to do this for us, but it may be understandable that person still wants to be close with you. But when you step it up a notch and actually consume those ashes, you are moving to a whole different level. At some point, you just have to go through acceptance and try your best to continue on with your life.

Alright, there you have it, our list of the top 10 craziest addictions of all time. Hope you like it!