Top 10 Cutest Animals That Are Not Pets

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Cute Animals that Are Not Pets

The world is full of cute pets. From hamsters to kittens, there are plenty of them. However, there are animals that are way cuter than traditional pets and are less known. The following are the world’s cutest non-pet animals.

10. Koala Bears

Those Australian tree bears are as cute as it gets. Their cute snouts, large round heads, their fluffy ears and tails are simply too cute to be true. Koalas are tree dwellers that have a body length of 60-85 cm and weigh just 4-15 kg; which makes them relatively small. Although they’re small, koalas can be extremely aggressive and would not make a loving pet.

9. Hedgehogs

Unlike the koalas, these spiny little mammals can be found on almost every continent. Despite their cute look, hedgehogs aren’t completely defenseless. The spikes on their backs make even the largest predators avoid attacking them for fear of their spikes.

Even though hedgehogs aren’t popular as pets, some exotic pet owners love having them around. It is worth mentioning that most hedgehogs are relatively immune to most snake poison, which makes them badass as well as cute.

8. Arctic Fox

Arctic foxes are the polar version of the foxes that you probably know. Thanks to their thick white fur, these cute little animals are well adapted to living in the harshest arctic conditions. Despite their cute looks, these animals can withstand extreme temperatures.

Everything that makes these foxes able to endure harsh arctic weather also contributes to their cuteness. Their fluffy, white fur and round shape have earned these arctic foxes a place on our list.

7. Fennec Fox

Fennec foxes are another super-cute fox species on our list. However, unlike their arctic fox cousins, these cute animals live in the exact opposite climate conditions, which are the burning-hot Arabian deserts and the Sinai Peninsula.

The first thing that you’ll immediately notice about these foxes is their super-cute, over sized ears. Asides from the cute-look, their huge ears give these animals an acute sense of hearing which helps in keeping their heads cool (literally!). Add to that some insanely cute eyes and facial features and you’ll have one of the world’s cutest animals.

6. Giant Pandas

These animals are a living proof that cuteness doesn’t always come in small sizes. Despite their large size and the fact that they are classified as carnivores, the giant panda’s diet consists mainly of bamboo shoots.

As bamboo has relatively low energy content, giant pandas need to consume mass quantities of the plant to get the energy that they need. This has also affected the giant panda’s behavior and made it is lazy in nature in order to preserve energy.

A giant bear with a round face that eats bamboo all day while slouching around? We say it’s cute enough!

5. Barn Owls

There is no denying that owls are some of the cutest birds. Barn owls are certainly the cutest of the cutest. The heart-shaped faced along with their wide eyes make this one of the cutest owl species ever.

In addition to being cute, this owl species is one of the most widespread. These owls can be found almost everywhere that is not desert or polar – so you have decent chance of spotting one.

4. Red Pandas

Another cutie, the red panda from China is next up on our list. Unlike the giant pandas, red pandas are significantly smaller. Their cute face, red color, and fluffy tails make them some of the most adorable animals ever. It’s really a shame that these cute animals are endangered.

Red pandas live exclusively in the Eastern Himalayas and Southwest China, which makes the chances of spotting one in real life are pretty slim.

3. Llama

Llamas are cute, period! These South American animals live mostly in Peru and provide enormous benefits to the local population. They are often used to transport people and goods across difficult mountain terrain. In addition to being super-cute, these animals are often life-savers to people who live in remote areas.

2. Flapjack Octopus

Remember Pearl from Pixar’s hit Finding Nemo? Pearl was a flapjack octopus and these some seriously cute creatures! These pancake-shaped octopuses are some of the world’s cutest animals for their out-of-this-world cute shape and colors.

The pancake-shaped octopus spends its time sitting on the ocean’s bottom and moves only to find food and mates. The flapjack octopus has effortlessly won a place on our cutest animals list.

1. Sloth

Sloths are tree dwellers that love to take it slow…like really slow! These animals move only when necessary and when they do, it’s only at 4 meters/hour.

If something critical comes up –like being chased by a predator- they speed things up to 4.5 meters/hour! Yeah, they’re kind of committed to being slow.

The cuddly, lazy attitude of sloths combined with their adorable shape make them hands down one of the cutest animals ever.

Despite not making great pets, these wild animals are hands down some of the world’s cutest animals.