Top 10 Dumbest Political Parties in History

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10 Dumbest Political Parties - The Youth International Party

Politics is quite an interesting topic. Different political parties have different slogans and symbols through which they contest the elections. The political parties continuously try to convince the people to vote for them. As if all this weren’t enough, some dumbest political parties have emerged.

There are different things which make these parties quite dumb. Thanks to their eccentric candidates, their outrageous symbols and their unconventional slogans, they have the privilege of being called the dumbest parties in history. So, here is the list of the top 10 dumbest parties in history.

10. The Rhinoceros Party of Canada

Canada is famous for producing some of the dumbest political parties and The Rhinoceros Party of Canada is the most famous of them all. The party started in 1963 and for 30 years, they kept on approaching the voters with bizarre political opinions, like a solemn vow to never keep their promises. Some other parts of their agenda was reversing the law of gravity, merging both the Antarctica and United States and storing all the nuclear waste on the floor of Senate.

Despite their dumb motives, the party gained a considerable number of voters and they were second in one Federal nomination in which they selected a clown and in another campaign, they selected a person with the exact same name as the front runner.

9. American Vegetarian Party

The American Vegetarian Party deserves to be in this list of the dumbest political parties because the main agenda of the party to make people vegetarians and they wanted to make their cause known. The party supported those Presidential candidates who had only a fraction of electorate.

You should know that this party was formed in 1947, decades before it became a fashion to include meat in daily diet. If you ran as a member of the Vegetarian Party, it was as if you were the champion of the Communist party. The party’s run for the White House was a bit disappointing because their candidate John Maxwell was disqualified on the premise that he was born in England. The party kept on introducing candidates till the 1964 elections but quit after that.

8. The Miss Great Britain Party

It is often joked that political campaigns are like beauty pageants and this holds true for The Miss Great Britain Party as almost member of the party was linked to the Miss Great Britain contest. The party was started by the pageant chairman in 2008 and since then, it hasn’t got much success in the political arena. Well, no surprises there!

The original slogan of the party is to make “the Westminster sexy, not sleazy”. Some dumb policies of the party include equal pay for women, reconstructing the British Tax System and a Bank holiday in which everyone should concentrate on looking fabulous for the day.

7. Home Rule Party

The Home Rule is one of the dumbest political parties. It was a local Party of Hawaii whose main aim was to represent the goal of representing Hawaii effectively on a National Scale. The party had the view that the current political leaders are cruel and they are destined for eternal damnation.

The party was led by Robert William Wilcox, a Hawaiian politician, who started the party to offer an alternative to the people of Hawaii. The party was quite successful during its first elections and secured a major territorial area. In 1901, Robert Wilcox won the elections and was invited to Washington to represent the island. However, Robert William Wilcox had little effect on his fellow politicians. His role was quite limited in the legislation and his difficulty in speaking English also complicated the situation. He didn’t produce any significant results, due to which people became doubtful about the party. This led to a crushing defeat in 1902. In the next year, Wilcox died and by 1912, the party had fallen apart.

6. Prohibition Party

The Prohibition Party is one of the dumbest political parties ever and here is the strange thing about it: it still exists. This party was founded in 1869 and had its peak days in the start of the 20th century when the gangster fights were quite common. The Prohibition Party ended in 1933 but was once again revived with the dream to raise the voice against the legalization of alcohol and other drugs.

The party still gives tickets to its candidates and in the 2008 elections, the party’s presidential candidate Gene Amondson secured only 643 votes. The Prohibition Party wants to ban the sale of porn, tobacco, booze and other vices. These vices do big businesses and most people are comfortable with not engaging with them. The Prohibition Party already made its point in the 1920s.

5. The McGillicuddy Serious Party

The McGillicuddy Serious Party operated in the New Zealand for several years in the 1980s and 1990s, where their main slogan was, “If you want to waste your vote, vote for us.” The party had a bizarre method of choosing its candidates like having hand-to-hand sword fights with swords made out of newspapers, a game of musical chairs and a water balloon fight.

Well, if you think all this is weird, hear some of the party’s policies. Their main policies were mandatory homosexuality for one-third of the population, only allowing underage people to vote and of course, a vow to break all their promises.

4. Rent is Too Damn High Party

This party can easily be called as the most entertaining party. The funniest moment was when Jimmy McMillian was making speeches in 2010 as a front runner for the Rent is Too Damn High party. McMillian is only one of the three registered members of the party in New York.
The agenda of the party is quite simple. They have the view that lowering the estate prices would ease the hardships of the people for the rest of their lives. McMillian also ran for the mayor of New York but failed miserably.

3. Surprise Party

The Surprise Party was created in 1940 when popular comedian Gracie Allen ran for the President as part of a media stunt. The party had slogans like “down with the common sense” and “it’s in the bag”. Allen went as far as holding a whistle-stop tour throughout the country and gave joke policy speeches on different radio stations.

Allen Gracie encouraged people to take some pride in the national debt, joking that it’s the biggest in the world. Her campaign hit a head start when she was unexpectedly elected as the mayor of the Town of Menominee and in the actual Presidential run, she received a several hundred votes.

2. Australian Sex Party

The Australian Sex Party certainly deserves to be in this list of the dumbest political parties. The party got some hype when its elected representative Fiona Patten called for Bali boycott and attempted to intervene with the UN.

The party is an offshoot to the Australian sex industry and supports all the good, liberal things like euthanasia, anti-discrimination and marriage equality. The party also believes in the decriminalization of prostitution. Yet, the party is a bit handicapped by its name because you can’t accept the UN to have serious discussion with such non-serious parties.

1. The Youth International Party

This party was also known as Yippies and operated in the United States during the 1960s and 70s. The party was founded by counterculture activists like Jerry Rubbie and Abby Hoffman and was mostly popular because of its anti-theatrical style.

The Yippies gained popularity when they ran a pig for President in 1968 and when they engineered a media stunt to try to levitate the Pentagon. Although they originally started as a political party, the group became popular for these kind of stunts and a number of protests.

Well, if you thought that the Democrats or the Republicans are dumb parties, you got another thought coming. These political parties make other parties look quite sophisticated and reasonable. That’s why you would be surprised to know that some of these parties have survived to this day.

These political parties clearly show that there is no limit to human stupidity. All these political parties had no clearly defined agenda and their only motive was to gain popularity through different media stunts and they succeeded to some extent. These parties are clearly the dumbest political parties in history.