Top 10 Eva Mendes Movies You Should Watch

Top 10 Eva Mendes Movies - Stuck on You

Eva Mendes wasn’t quite interested in acting while growing up. She even pursued the life as a catholic nun and she was good at that. However, things took a drastic turn for her when a scout told her that she should drop her marketing courses and pursue a career in acting. After that, she has made some top Eva Mendes movies.

Eva Mendes became a sex symbol in Hollywood from the moment she stepped foot in the Hollywood industry. She has co-starred in some great movies like 2 Fast 2 furious, We Own the Night and Ghost Rider. Here are the top 10 Eva Mendes movies:

10. Stuck on You

This Farrelly Brothers film might not be as funnier as dumb and dumber, but Stuck on You is a combination of all the brothers previous work combined. The great chemistry between Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon will keep you interested in the movie but the main interesting standpoint in the movie is the appearance of Eva Mendes in it.

Mendes plays the role of the girl next door, however, her character is far from whole. The Lingerie model is the embodiment of a Female Californian in a satire; when she meets her new neighbors, the first thing she asks them is that which plastic surgeon joined them at the hip. Eva is quite active throughout the movie. She clearly outdoes her fellow co-stars with sharp comedic timing and sexy dressing.

9. Girl in Progress

This is one of the top Eva Mendes movies. The only defect in it was the limited scope of the characters. Only if the directors had dared to steer the characters away from the usual, this Indie film would have turned very differently but it never happened. Eva Mendes plays the role of a single mother in the movie who is too busy paying her taxes and bills and sleeps with a married man on the job. This doesn’t sound like a nice lady. Right? Just like her defenseless employer, you won’t help but fall in love with her, especially in the maid outfit.

Mendes is as sexy as she is earnest and it makes her quite attractive to some point. The plot isn’t so great but the fact that Eva Mendes is in the movie with her sexy outfits make it a worth watching movie.

8. Out of Time

This is one of the top Eva Mendes movies and she received much appreciation in the movie. This was all because of her breathtaking acting. The story is of a police chief of small Florida Matt Lee Whitlock, who is going through a divorce with his wife, Alex which is played by Eva Mendes.

Matt begins an affair with another woman Ann, but later becomes distorted to find out that she is suffering from terminal cancer. He steals a large amount of money from a drug bust to pay for the terminal cancer, but when Ann dies in a suspicious fire, all the clues turn towards Matt as the culprit.

7. Hitch

This Andy Tennant’s 2005 romantic comedy features Sarah Melas (Eva Mendes), a sassy gossip columnist along with dating consultant expert Alex Hitchens (Will Smith). Alex Hitchens eventually comes to find out that none of the tricks and tips he teaches his clients are going to work on a woman as stunning as Eva Mendes. His chances reach a low point when Sarah comes to find out that Alex once taught a guy a trick to have a one-night stand with a girl, but still, Alex doesn’t give up on her.

Of course, the film wouldn’t be a hit if Alex doesn’t go crazily after Sarah to get her attention, and she deserves all this attention. Mendes proves that she is quite a desirable but hard-to-get woman and she shows reluctance in bonding with a man who knows the inside outs of a woman’s psyche. When she does give up on his charms, things become quite interesting and sexy.

6. Bad Lieutenant

This movie is mostly popular due to the sexy outfits of Eva Mendes and of course, her superb acting. The story is about a man named Terence McDonagh who isn’t doing too well in life. He has a painkiller addiction, which started after he suffered an injury while rescuing a person’s life in hurricane Katrina.

To add to his troubles, there is his alcoholic father and wife, and her prostitute girlfriend, played by Eva Mendes. Now Terence is in dire circumstances and he must pull himself from the edge of insanity to investigate a series of vicious murders.

5. Training Day

This movie is about a Veteran officer who escorts a rookie to the inner-city narcotics area. Training day is quite a breathtaking drama which makes the audience decide what is necessary, what is heroic and what crosses the line. It also questions the fact whether law abiding comes at the expense of public safety and justice. It is quite a thriller movie and you would definitely enjoy it.

This is another one of the best Eva Mendes movies because, although she doesn’t have much scenes in the movie, she attracts the attention by doing most of the talking with her body.

4. The other Guys

This movie is about two desk-bound NYPD detectives Gamble and Hoitz, who don’t make that much headlines as their in-field counterparts. Gamble feels relieved in this job but Hoitz is ready to go into the streets and prove his worth.

Eva Mendes plays the role of Dr. Shiela Gamble, who is essentially Gamble’s mistress who shows up every morning with her beautiful breasts and makes breakfast for him.

3. Ghost Rider

This movie is about a motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze, played by Nicholas Cage, who sold his soul to the devil while saving his loved one. Now he transforms into an evil, avenging justice figure and getting rid of the evil wherever it is. The story becomes quite interesting when Johnny Blaze fights a demon named BlackHeart, whose main aim to make a more devilish hell than it already is.

Eva Mendes plays the role of too hot-for-him girlfriend. Mendes involvement was quite limited in this movie, which is strange but nevertheless, she made herself quite prominent.

2. 2 Fast 2 Furious

This sequel focuses on ex-police officer Brian Connor who relocates himself from Los Angeles to Miami to start a new life. He becomes quite involved in the street racing scene in the city and befriends two important car handlers Tej and Suki. However, he is later caught by the police and he must cut a deal with the FBI.

Eva Mendes plays the role of Monica Fuentes who is a beautiful chick and dresses up in various outfits to spice up the movie. This movie is one of the top and sexiest Eva Mendes movies.

1. We Own the Night

If you are interested in Martin Scorsese sexy films, then you should watch this movie. This certainly deserves to be the best of Eva Mendes movies because apparently the film has a dark theme, but Mendes butts in every now and then, to heat things up.

The movie is mainly about the fights which go down between the gangster and police. Eva Mendes has a few scenes with the main character of the movie and these are the only moments when he feels alive. Mendes is far from the star of the show but she gets a good amount of attention in the movie.

Eva Mendes is a big name in the Hollywood industry. When you see these top movies, you would no doubt, enjoy yourself but you won’t also be able to deny the hard work she has put in her characters and it will be reflected in her work. Eva Mendes is currently one of the hottest and most talented stars in Hollywood.