10 Fascinating Friday the 13th Facts

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Top 10 Friday the 13th Facts - Repetition in Calendar

If you are a superstitious person, then you must certainly know the mysterious circumstances that circle Friday the 13th. Most people consider it to be one of the most dangerous days of the year and conduct their business throughout the day with great caution – whether it be traveling, working, meeting friends or dining with family. On this day, a lot of people are cautious before doing everything and anything. So, to better understand this day, lets go over some pretty neat facts about Friday the 13th.

10. Friday and 13 are Linked to Crucifixion of Jesus

Lets start out with one of the most interesting Friday the 13th facts. Both Friday and the number 13 have some importance in the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus was said to be crucified on Friday and there were thirteen people present around him at the last supper.

Phillips Stevens Jr., a well-known anthropologist, says that people started fearing the Friday the 13th during the Middle ages and it was heavily influenced by the story of Jesus’s last supper and his crucifixion.

Stevens says, “There were 13 people present at Jesus last supper and Jesus was the 13th. The last supper was on Thursday and the next day was the day of Jesus crucifixion.” When the the number 13 and Friday come together, people fear it as a double trouble. That’s why avoiding this number actually makes sense to some people. Very tall buildings usually don’t have a 13th floor. It is also considered unlucky to sit thirteen people at a table and some airplanes skip the 13th row.

9. Friday the 13th and the Calendar

When you look deep into Friday the 13th, you might start to think that there is actually a method to this madness. Whenever a year begins on Thursday, the months of February, March and November will have a Friday the 13th in those particular months. This is going to happen 11 times in the 21st century.

The February-March-November pattern repeats itself in a 28 year cycle. The cycle began in 2009, when Friday the 13th was in the months February, March and November. It also happened in the year 2015. However, it won’t happen for 11 more years until 2026, after which you would have to wait another 11 years, until 2037. Crazy right?

8. Historical Connotations

There are also some contributing factors to the avoidance of the 13th which are both historical as well as biblical. For example, the number 12 is considered as a whole in numerology – the twelve tribes of Israel, the 12 apostles of Jesus and then the 12 successors of Muhammad in Shia Islam. Anything that is over is considered unwhole by numerologists.

Another theory is mentioned by the author Dan Brown in his book about the crusaders and the Knights Templar. On Friday the 13th, 1307 hundreds of Knights Templar were arrested in Paris and throughout Europe. On October 13, 1307, France’s King Philip IV ordered the arrest of the Knight Templar for speculative reasons and many were murdered throughout Europe. Another reason, bound in blood, to avoid and fear Friday the 13th.

7. It Became Popular in the 19th Century

Much paranoia for this day actually started in the 18th century. Henry Sutherland Edwards wrote in the 1869 biography of Gioachino Rossini, that: “He was surrounded with friends to his last day. He considered (the number) 13 to be unlucky until his last day and he also passed away on Friday the 13th.”

Later, a novel published in 1907 titled Friday, the Thirteen by Thomas W., popularized the idea of this day. It used the superstition to wreak havoc throughout American culture.

6. Alfred Hitchcock was Born on Friday the 13th

Who isn’t familiar with Alfred Hitchcock and his amazing work as a director? This legendary director was born in August 13 1899, so August 13, 1999 would have been his 100th birthday. He made his directorial debut in 1922 with a movie called Friday the 13th. However, the movie didn’t gain much popularity and didn’t set off due to financial issues.

Some other well-known celebrities who were born on Friday the 13th are Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate, playwright Samuel Beckett and former President of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

5. Terrible Things Happen on Friday the 13th

Some people deny that bad things actually do happen on Friday the 13th however, there is actually a lot of evidence to back up this simple truth. The fact is that terrible things do happen on Friday the 13th. For example, the Nazis dropped a bomb on the Buckingham Palace on September 13. 1940, and the day was Friday. Also, consider our friends the Knights Template and their fate on Friday the 13th.

Another bad thing that happened on Friday the 13th was on October 13, 1989, the stock market suffered a massive crash. That day happened to be Friday the 13th. It is considered as the second most damaging day in stock market history. There have also been a considerable number of plane crashes on Friday the 13th.

4. It’s a Lucky Number for Taylor Swift

Well, despite of all the bad things that have happened on this fateful day, it’s still a good luck charm for the heart throb singer Taylor Swift. She is so obsessed with this day, that she paints 13 on her hand every time she comes for a show.

She explains the significance of this day in her life with the following words: “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album skyrocketed in 13 weeks. My #1 song has a 13 seconds intro. I have always won an award when I am sitting in the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th alphabet.”

3. A Group was formed to Debunk the Superstition

This is definitely one of the strangerFriday the 13th facts. In the 1880s, the Thirteen Club was formed to debunk the myths surrounding this fateful day. The group gathered on every 13th of the month and conduct experiments. They would throw salt and break mirrors to try to get a reaction from the supernatural powers at be. They would also note the number of people who died on the day.

The group gained much popularity eventually. It grew to be a 400 man group, which included a number of U.S. Presidents.

2. The Fear of This Number is Psychological

The correct word to describe the fear of the 13th is Triskaidekaphobia. The National Geographic states, “It’s been estimated that about $800 to $900 million are lost in business on this day because people don’t fly as they are normally used to.”

Some of the problems people face on this day rand from relatively low anxiety to full-blown panic attacks. Because of all the distractions Friday the 13th cause, millions are lost each year for companies around the world.

1. The Good Things that Happened

This is another one of the top Friday the 13th facts because it is quite surprising to know that good things also happen on this day, although they are lesser in number.

For example, the Hollywood sign was unveiled on Friday the 13th, 1923. And the Hollywood signs is one of the most powerful and recognizable signs in the world.

These are some of the most interesting Friday the 13th facts. Firday the 13th is quite an eventful day. Many good and bad things alike have happened on this day. So whether you believe in the superstition of this day or not, you won’t deny the importance of this day.