Top 10 Gwen Stefani Songs

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Top 10 Gwen Stefani Songs - Hollaback Girl

Gwen Stefani has always been quite popular in the music industry. From her rock hard abs, to the unique voice in which she sings, Gwen Stefani has a clear badass persona. She first gained popularity when she formed the band known as No Doubt. They gave brilliant performances throughout the world and became very famous during the 90s.

However, in 2004, things changed when No Doubt disbanded. Gwen was left on her own, but she didn’t lose hope. During this time, she produced her debut solo album Love.Angel.Music.Baby. The song quickly became a hit. So to celebrate Gwen and her unique musical talents, here are the top 10 Gwen Stefani songs.

10. Wonderful Life

This song was never a single, but still it was one of the most emotional and beautifully written songs. Stefani states that the song is mainly about her “first kissing-love”, Matt Elej from the ninth grade. He passed away, but Stefani wanted to write this song for him because he had a big influence on her life.

He motivated her towards different songs and musical genres and one of his favorites was Depeche Mode. Martin Gore played on the track and loved Matt’s story. Stefani stated that the song meant so much to her, mainly because Matt’s idol played on the track written about him.

9. Hey Baby

This is one of the best Gwen Stefani songs because it was a bit different from other Gwen Stefani songs. Stefani’s band, No doubt, was mainly known for their punk music, but this music showed the band’s love for a reggae vibe, a music genre which originated from Jamaica.

There are varied sounds in the tune which contain electro synths fit for 90’s games combined with Stefani’s calm and nonchalant vocal sounds. There was also a feature by Bounty Killer of Dancehall which made the song quite epic. “Hey Baby” later won a Grammy in 2003 for the best Pop performance by a group.

8. Crash

Crash wasn’t originally planned to be a single, but was actually released as the sixth and last of Gwen Stefani’s debut solo “Love.Angel.Music.Baby”. The song describes the different relationships in life using automobiles as metaphors. Tony Kanal helped Stefani with the song.

Stefani’s pregnancy caused her some problems at the time and a live music video of her performing the song was released. But by the time the song hit the airwaves, the album had already been out for a while, so it saw limited success. But the fact remains that this song was a fan favorite and one of the best Gwen Stefani songs.

7. 4 In the Morning

This song just goes to show how passionate and versatile Gwen Stefani is. “4 In the Morning” is a song from the singer’s Sophomore album Sweet Escape and it definitely highlights her tender vocals. Tony Kanal, who was the No Doubt’s bassist and a frequent contributor in Stefani’s solo works, co-wrote and produced the work.

The song is about a deeply upset plea of a lover to make up his mind. “4 in the Morning” was a bit different from the album’s other pop tracks which made it more memorable and refreshing.

6. Wind it Up

Although this performance was not liked by some critics, Wind It Up reached to the top 20 charts in most countries. The song included Stefani’s yodeling and it came out with music inspired by the movie the Sound of Music.

The video immediately became a hit and Stefani defended the song in this way, “I still think that the song is brilliant and I stand on this notion. Why can’t you do something different and weird? These songs are all about having fun, just silly records for having fun and not to be taken too seriously.”

5. Underneath It All

This song certainly deserves to be in this list of the top Gwen Stefani songs because it has a mellow and warm vibe. “Underneath it All”, which was released in Stefani’s 2001 album Rock Steady, is dedicated to Stefani’s husband Gavin Rossdale.

This song has quite diverse reggae influences and features a guest verse from the Dance Hall artist Lady Saw. The song was produced by the legendary Sly and Robbie in Jamaica and it has a certain effect which will want you to shake your hips with your partner. The song was quite successful on the charts and became the band’s highest ever single and came number 3 on the Billboard Top 100.

4. Simple Kind of Life

The next on this list is Simple Kind of Life, which is the second single from No Doubts fourth Long Play – Return of Saturn. It is a pop song which shows a more sober side of the energetic band. The tune of the song was written by Stefani and the song was a cry of Stefani for living with her long time boyfriend, Gavin Rossdale.

The visual images of the song are quite up to the mark. For example, the visual image of Stefani in a John Galliano wedding dress with her cotton pink curls floating in the wind, will forever be entrenched in the minds of the viewers.

3. Hollaback Girl

Stefani felt that her first solo album needed an attitude song. This was when she remembered an interview where Courtney Love negatively referred to her as a cheerleader. Stefani never thought she was a cheerleader and was quite offended by these remarks.

She stated, “You want me to be a cheerleader. Then I will be one. And I will rule the world. You just watch me.” And she did rule, because the song ended to be one of the top Gwen Stefani songs and became number 1 song in the U.S. It also became the second most popular single of 2005 and became the first single ever to sell over one million digital downloads.

2. Don’t Speak

Don’t Speak isn’t simply one of the No Doubt’s finest. It is one of the unforgettable rock ballads of the Nineties. Stefani is quite dramatic in this song and has an enduring tone which tackles her relationship with No Doubt’s bassist Tony Kanal.

The tune of the song was written quite earlier before the band blasted into fame. The video came out as one of the band’s best videos as Stefani turned her attention to the exhibits and the photo shoots which became the main reason of the pop star’s popularity.

1. What You Waiting For?

“What You Waiting For?” is arguably the best of all Gwen Stefani songs. This song was basically her explanation as to why she decided to briefly go solo. The lyrics mostly point out towards Stefani’s fears of releasing her own album and the amount of pressure she faced along with lack of inspiration.

This is the first track where Stefani mentions the Harajuku girl, after being inspired by them in 1996. The music video was based on “Looking Through the Glass” and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The music video was received quite well and was also referred to as a short film. The song won two MTV video awards and became nominated for the Grammy in 2005.

These are the top 10 Gwen Stefani songs. These songs show Stefani’s deep love for music. Due to her epic performances, Stefani was selected as a judge in the TV show “The Voice” where she judges other amateur singers. Stefani definitely deserves this spot to judge other people because she has proved that she is a worthy singer and one of the greatest singer of her generation.