Top 10 Life Hacks Everyone Must Know

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Today we will explore 10 of the simplest yet amazing life hacks that everyone must know. Life hacks are basically techniques or strategies that are adopted to manage one’s daily routines in a more efficient manner.

These life hacks will help you think outside the box when it comes to simple tasks. Each one of these hacks makes your life just a little bit easier which adds up over time!

So without wasting our time, let’s head straight to the list.

10. What to Do If Someone Press All The Buttons In An Elevator

We all know that one guy. He seems suspicious the whole ride up or down, and right before he steps out he does something terrible. He mashes every button on the keypad in the elevator. Suddenly, your heart stops then you are overcome with a wave of fury. Don’t panic! If you encounter this situation then simply press each button again twice to avoid going to those floors. Pressing them twice quickly counteracts the initial switch on and negates the stop at that floor. It’s that simple.

You just don’t need to panic.

9. How to Avoid Running Into Red Stoplights

Sometimes you may feel that you are the most unlucky person in the world when you constantly hit red stoplights over and over. It happens to us a lot. So in order to avoid hitting so many lights over and over, you just have to follow one rule. Follow the exact speed limit posted on the speed limit signs along the road. This will keep you flowing along the same lines as traffic (if there is any) and you will be able to time the green lights perfectly. Hitting less lights = a quicker ride home! We really like to use this life hack frequently.

8. Have An Irritating Paper Cut?

Paper cuts suck, everyone knows it. One minute you are looking through some papers for the DMV which you thought was the worst thing in the world, then bam, you get a paper cut. Now the DMV seems like a distant memory and you are writhing in pain from a .000001 inch deep cut. You start bleeding profusely from this, what feels like a Grand Canyon sized, cut. So what do you do?

Reach into your pocket, likely you have this roll of dimes sized pen of healing. We are talking about Chapstick. Rub a little on to the cut and your cut will start to heal, the bleeding will stop and the pain will begin to ease. Easy as that right? Ok, now get back to the DMV document search.

7. Get a Free Coffee Upgrade

Although not the most savory of tactics, this little scheme actually works. Here is what you do. When you are speaking to the barista, ask him/her for a medium coffee, but ask for it in a medium cup. You want the extra room because, uhh, you are going off-roading in a monster truck or something and you don’t want the coffee to spill… yeah that’s it. What happens is they will most likely overfill the medium sized drink. Coffee shops are hectic and your strange order, which they likely don’t care to entertain, isn’t their top priority for the week. Give it a try to see if this really works, however, we really don’t recommend you being ‘that’ person. But hey, people have done far worse for their cup of joe in the morning.

6. Trying to Snag a Date?

Well, it often poses a real challenge for men to snag a date with the women they like. So, here’s a simple life hack for the guys out there – studies have shown that women are more attracted to men wearing red. It makes you stand out among the crowd and therefore you may be able to catch the eye of your new date out there.

5. Use Your Wrong Hand To Do Small Tasks

Using your wrong hand (if you are a lefty use right, if you are right handed use left) to do small tasks will make your brain work differently. Ultimately, this will enhance your self-control and intellectual abilities. This is one of the simplest life hacks, but has long lasting effects.

4. Need An Effective Way To Study For Test?

If you are like me, who gets stressed out completing huge assignments and preparing for important quizzes and exams then there is a simple life hack for you. Just buy a good quality chewing gum and chew it while studying. It works perfectly when it comes to soothing your senses and releasing extra stress.

Furthermore, chew the same flavor of gum later, it will help you remember important points.

3. Have a Headache?

We all have a headache at times but only a few of us know how to really soothe it. All you have to do is take a lime, slice it in half and rub it on your forehead. The headache should go away.

2. Getting A Call From An Annoying Telemarketer?

At times these telemarketing calls get annoying and you just want to say to them that “Enough is Enough”. For that purpose, Press “9” on your phone, it will add that annoying number to the don’t call lists.

1. Have A Paper Due And Low On Black Ink

There are times when you have an important assignment or thesis due and you are running out of black ink in your printer. At that time you just need to change the font color to “Dark Tan”. It looks almost similar to black. This way you can still print using the other colors rather than the ink from the black cartridge.

Well, guys there you have it – our list of the top 10 life hacks everyone must know. We hope you have learnt some exciting yet useful life hacks out of this list.

Eager to have your feedback in the comments below.