Top 10 Melania Trump Facts You May Not Know

Melania Trump Facts

Everyone knows who Donald Trump is – the current president of the United States. He gets all the spotlight and oftentimes, his wife, Melania Trump is sometimes ignored. So what better way to get to know about the First Lady than to review some interesting Melania Trump facts you may not know.

Most Americans know about Melania Trump and who she is and who she was before marrying Donald Trump. But many people living outside United States might not know her that well. So lets get to know Melania Trump a little better with the top 10 Melania Trump facts.

10. Melania Is Raising Her Son to Be Like Her Dad

Melania and Donald Trump’s son, Barron looks a lot like his dad and Melania Trump is raising him to behave just like Trump. Barron loves wearing suits and ties and loves playing golf often with his Dad. Melania has stated that Barron, their youngest son, has huge leadership qualities and potential.

Melania told news reporters that Barron fired some employees at the house, but they were quickly hired back. She says that he is practicing this firing process, so he would be able to lead one his father’s companies when he grows older.

9. Melania Acted Hard-To-Get the First Time

This is definitely one of the top Melania Trump facts and quite a shocking one too. Melania and Donald Trump met each other during New York Fashion week in 1998, but Melania Trump had decided that whatever happens, she wasn’t going to be just another fling for Mr. Trump.

In an interview, Melania Trump recalled of their first meeting, “If I gave him my number, I would have become just one of the many women he calls. I wanted to know what his intention was. It tells a lot about a man about the numbers he gives you and he gave me all of his numbers.” But she waited a week before calling him.

8. Melania is Trump’s Third Wife

Melania is the third wife of Donald Trump. Many of you might remember the tabloid craze that followed Trump during his first two marriages in the 1980s and 1990s, but Melania Trump still fell for him. Well, this tells a lot about the woman.

Donald Trump’s first wife, whom he married in the 1980s, helped him become a fixture in the New York social scene. After that, Trump had an affair with Marla Maples and which was remembered for quite a while. The divorce of Trump and Ivana was quite scandalous. Trump married Marla in 1993 and their brief six year union made it to the New York Post.

7. Her Father Behaves Like Her Husband – But She’s Cool with That

Melania Trump claims that her father behaves just like Donald Trump. Many people have made comparisons about Melania Trump’s father and Donald Trump and were led to the conclusion that they were quite similar.

Melania Trump herself stated, “Both of them are quite smart and hardworking. Although they grew up in different environments, they have the same values and traditions. I myself, am quite similar to my husband in many ways. Both me and my father are family men. So is my husband.”

6. Melania is Quite Political – But At Home

This is one of the surprising Melania Trump facts. Melania Trump has been mostly absent from the public eye. The model tries not to discuss politics during public speeches and comments. There was just one incident when she told a person from the crowd, “Good evening, isn’t he the best? He will be the best President ever. We love you.”

Melania Trump has discussed her absence from politics in this way, “I don’t discuss politics. I leave it to my husband; it’s his job. I am a very political person. I am just not political in public. I am political in home.”

5. The Age Difference between Melania and Her Step Children

Melania Trump is 45 years old, which means that she is only seven years older than Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. This is definitely one of the most shocking Melania Trump facts. So it’s not difficult to imagine anawkward thanksgiving at his home during the first few years of his marriage.

Trump’s three other children, Eric, Ivanka and Tiffany are not too much younger either. Things became much awkward when Melania and Trump introduced Barron in the world, who was born in 2006. Now this is an interesting scenario because all of Barren’s siblings are old enough to be his parents. However, Donald Trump and Melania don’t mind it.

4. She’s Her Own Person

You would expect a popular marriage to go something like this. The husband agrees with most of the things said by the wife, but Melania isn’t like that. She tells her husband from time to time that she disagrees with him on different issues like language and his policies.

She recently told a CNN reporter, “I don’t agree with everything he says and this is quite normal. I am my own person, I tell him what I think. I stand on my own two feet and I am an independent person. And this is quite important in a relationship.”

3. Melania Trump Speaks Five Languages

This fact certainly deserves to be one of the top Melania Trump facts. Most people think of Melania Trump as Donald Trump’s trophy wife, but you should know that she is rather quite intelligent. She speaks five different languages, including French, English, German, Serbian and Slovenian.

She also has an accent and many people report that this is one of the top reasons she doesn’t appear as much in public with President Trump. She has an accent because she is an immigrant.

2. Melania is Cool with Married Men Hitting on Her

When Trump was still married to his second wife at the time, the then 52 year old man set his eyes on the 28 year old beauty Melania Trump. He asked for her number, but Melania took his number instead.

The couple have stated their first love interaction in this way, “I saw Melania and I said, “Who is that?” She was a terrific model. I tried to get her number but she denied. Melania continued the story, “He came to the party with a date and I had heard that he was a ladies’ man but I said, “I am not one of the ladies,” He said later that he sent her to the ladies room so he could get her number but she got his number instead.”

1. Melania is a Former Model

Melania Trump started modeling when she just 5 years old. By the time she reached the age of 16 she was already starring in commercials. Melania recently said in an interview with Parenting magazine that she became a professional after finishing school.

Mrs. Trump states that she acquired her fashion sense from her mother who used to take her to Italy and Paris to see the latest fashion trends. Melania Trump also posed for some of the top fashion photographers like Patrick Demarchelier and Mario Testino. She also made it to the covers of popular fashion magazines like Sports Illustrated and Vogue, which shows that she was pretty successful.

These are some of the top Melania Trump facts. These facts show that Melania is not all about the beauty, she has the brains as well. These two traits are rare to find in a human being. Donald Trump is certainly lucky to have her as his wife.