Top 10 Most Viewed Youtube Videos of All Time

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shake it off by taylor swift is one of the most viewed youtube videos of all time

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet, second only to the world’s famous search engine, Google. There are millions of videos on Youtube. However, not all videos are created equal. While some Youtube videos have tens of views, other videos have billions of views. Every now and then, a new video joins this ultra-viral videos list. It is not a surprise that those ultra-viral videos are of musical nature.

Music is one of the few things that can interest people of different cultures and languages. Not needing translation (despite the language of the lyrics) good music has the power to spread and have global audience. This list has 10 most viewed Youtube videos of all time. Until new video come along to replace the existing, this is the list.

10. Roar – Katy Perry (2.11 Billion Views)

Katy Perry is a very talented artist that keeps herself busy. When she is not busy marrying Russell Brand, she is creating some awesome music videos that get staggering numbers of views. Katy Perry’s Roar is one of those songs that just get people hooked up instantly. The awesome song also has a very well-directed video.

Having such great content and coming from such a famous artist, Roar has all the ingredients that make a viral video. The video has 2.11 billion views by Katy Perry fans who want to join the roaring!

9. Sugar – Maroon 5 (2.13 Billion Views)

In 2015 Maroon 5 released the video for their single song, Sugar. In the song’s video, the band pressed their instruments up into a 1950s style convertible and street stumbled crosswise over LA wedding smashing as they went. This all-happy cheerful spirit kind of reminds us of the video for their song “A Sky Full of Stars”, which was also a very successful song.

The band’s lead artist, Adam Levine headed up the trick which saw the band set up a transitory stage at each wedding. After that, they perform for a shocked lady of the hour and prep on their huge day.

The band’s fans gave the video a staggering 2.13 billion views.

8. Bailando – Enrique Iglesias (2.22 Billion Views)

Bailando by Enrique Iglesias is one of two non-English videos on this list. This shows that good music has no borders and can’t be stopped by language barriers. This one was aimed mainly for the Spanish speakers (as the song is in Spanish) but was received with a global success.

The Latin track has taken off in the YouTube outlines subsequent to being released in 2014 with 2.22 billion perspectives, while the English form has just been seen 230 million times (yes, imagine that!).

The video sees dazzling artist Ana Karla Suarez putting Enrique through his paces and different present day artists and even some choreographed keepies with a football.

7. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift (2.23 Billion Views)

The pop music icon Taylor Swift has managed to land a spot on the list with her song “Shake It Off”. Tay takes seventh place in our list with her highly-energized video Shake It Off. In 2014, Taylor Swift released the single from her album 1989.

The video instantly became a sensation. Taylor Swift fans just couldn’t get enough of the interesting video, which sees Taylor attempt – and come up short – to imitate some dubious move styles from artful dance to break moving.

The video has piled on 2.23 billion views, landing it the seventh place in this ultimate Youtube videos list.

6. Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster (2.25 Billion Views)

Masha and the Bear in the only video in our top ten list that is not a music video. The video is a Russian cartoon of what appears to be…Masha and a bear! Since its release in 2009, the cartoon has become an instant hit, raking enormous amounts of views.

Obviously, cute cartoons of bears and little girls have the same incredible global reach as good music! Being such a cuteness overdose, Masha and Bear have earned itself 2.25 billion views and a spot in our list.

5. Despacito – Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee (2.4 Billion Views)

Despacito! The second and most noteworthy evaluated Spanish track in our rundown is Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee. One of the year’s greatest tunes so far, the video had several variants. Despite Justin Bieber hopping on a remix of the track, the most viewed version of Despacito is not the one with Justin Bieber in it.

Despite being a non-English song, Despacito took off to viral status really quickly thanks to its great tunes that need no translation.

4. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars (2.5 Billion Views)

Everybody loves some good uptown funk every now and then! Your favorite Canadian, Bruno Mars has nailed it with his 2014 anthem, Uptown Funk.
The popular singer performed some of his signature moves for this video; all while being followed around by Mark Ronson on the hood of a car!
The result is the catchy video that miraculously racked up 2.5 billion views.

3. Sorry – Justin Bieber (2.6 Billion Views)

In Justin Bieber’s case, there is probably so much that he should be sorry for! Accordingly, a “Sorry” song by the said article has managed to land a spot on the list with its 2.6 billion views. Apparently, there are many people eager to hear Justin Bieber’s apology!

2. See You Again – Whiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth (2.8 Billion Views)

See You Again is a tear-jerking song that is much slower from the average Wiz Khalifa song. If you manage to get over Charlie Puth’s weird stares and eye contact, the video is understandably good. Paying tribute to the later Paul Walker in Fast & Furious 7 is one of the reasons behind the popularity of this song.

1. Gangnam Style – PSY (2.89 Billion Views)

Topping the list is Gangnam Style. This song by the South Korean artist, PSY has everything from people dancing in a bus to dancing horse. Despite the majority of viewers not understanding a single word from the lyrics or not even knowing that “Gangnam” is a district in Seoul, the song manages to get more views than any other Youtube video, proving that the internet is indeed a weird place!

When we look at the most videos viewed by people all over of the world, it is obvious that music is indeed the universal language.