10 Anime Characters with Multiple Personality Disorder

Anime character with Multiple personality disorder

If you’ve ever been acquainted with R.L. Stevenson’s “Dr. Jekyll” and “Mr. Hyde”, you’d definitely be familiar with what multiple personality disorder is. Although characters who are like this aren’t used everyday in anime, they aren’t that uncommon as it’s an unusual and interesting trait. Characters having a multiple personality disorder often have a stark difference in their existing personalities. We’ve compiled a list of ten anime characters who are more than one person!

DISCLAIMER: The following list might contain spoilers.

10. Harumi Chono / Maria from Paranoia Agent

From Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent, Harumi Chono is a middle aged researcher. She also works as a teacher. Harumi Chono is probably one of the most accurate cases of the multiple personality disorder presented in anime. Although Harumi wishes to live a normal life, it is made difficult by her identity disorder. The other personality Maria, who acts as a prostitute, usually emerges when night falls.

9. Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire

Moka Akashiya is a young girl who has a split personality that manifests upon the removal of her rosary. Having the rosary taken off turns her into a vampire, hence making her the titular character of the anime. At first Moka appears to have pink hair and she is very sweet and kind. However as she turns into the vampiric Moka, her hair turns white and she becomes conceited and egoistic.

8. Daisuke Niwa / Dark from D.N. Angel

Daisuke is a very sporty and creative 14-year old boy, who is the protagonist of D.N. Angel. After confessing to his crush, and then getting rejected, Daisuke comes to find out that another boy called Dark lives inside him. Daisuke is very kind and gentle, while Dark is more of an arrogant player who likes to flirt with girls. Even though the two of them disagree and argue a lot, they care about each other as brothers would do.

7. Sia / Kikyo from Shuffle!

Sia, whose full name is Lisianthus, is the only daughter of the King of the Gods and Cineraria, one of his wives. Although a bit slow in school, her energetic personality makes her great in sports. Sia is also skilled in housework. Her multiple personality disorder was a result of her decision to save Kikyo, her twin sister. Being unable to survive in their mother’s womb, Sia decided to put Kikyo’s soul inside her own body. Kikyo replaces Sia’s personality when Sia becomes depressed, or when she feels that Sia needs to become more assertive.

6. Fubuki Shirou / Atsuya from Inazuma Eleven

After losing his brother in an avalanche-related car accident, Fubuki Shirou developed a multiple personality disorder. The other personality is based on the brother he lost, who was called Atsuya. Due to the trauma caused by the accident, Fubuki also shows symptoms of PTSD, being afraid of loud noises and sounds similar to an avalanche. Fubuki is also a very kind, gentle and helpful teammate. When he turns into Atsuya, his hair turns spiky and eyes change color. As Atsuya, he turns more hostile and aggressive.

5. Jiyuu Nanohana / Jubei from Jubei-Chan: The Ninja Girl

Jiyuu Nanohana is a young and cheerful high-school girl who is apparently a heir to Yagyu Jubei. Initially she is very reluctant to don the heart-shaped eye patch, known as The Lovely Eyepatch, which turns her into Yagyu Jubei. As time passes by, Jiyuu decides to fight and accepts her reincarnation. After wearing The Lovely Eyepatch, she becomes a reincarnated Yagyu Jubei and shows her skills as a master swordsman.

4. Allelujah / Hallelujah Haptism from Mobile Suit Gundam 00

One of the protagonists of Gundam 00, Allelujah Haptism is a soldier who suffers from a case of multiple personality disorder. He acquired this as a result of quantum brainwaves he received when he was an experimental test-subject as a child. Allelujah is a quiet and gentle man, whereas his other self Hallelujah is very malicious and sadistic. Although he is a soldier, Allelujah feels remorse when he has to kill anybody, even his enemies. Hallelujah on the other hand seems to enjoy killing and destroying.

3. D’Eon de Beaumont / Lia from Le Chevalier D’Eon

Rather than having obvious split-personalities like other anime characters, protagonist D’Eon de Beaumont is actually possessed by the spirit of his dead sister, Lia. Lia usually comes out during fights and is set on taking revenge over her murder. Upon transformation, D’Eon’s has longer hair and a more feminine appearance. They are actually based on the real-life historical figure Chevalier d’Eon, who cross-dressed in his life.

2. Akito / Agito Wanijima from Air Gear

Akito / Agito is a very feminine boy who appears with an eye patch, alternating which eye it covers as they switch personalities. Agito is the dominant personality but he was actually created by Akito to cope with stress, making him younger than Akito. Agito is very arrogant and curses a lot, but cares for Akito as he gets his strength from his want to protect Akito. Unlike Agito, Akito is very gentle and kind, he appears much more effeminate than his other self. Between the two, Akito is much more stronger, but chooses not to address it due to his sweet nature.

1. Touko Fukawa / Genocider Syo from Dangan Ronpa

A very intelligent girl, Touko Fukawa is a gifted writer, having written best-selling novels. Despite this, she is very mopey and has terrible social skills. Due to the fact that she was bullied as a child, she often assumes people are hostile towards her and thinks she is a victim. Touko’s multiple personality disorder was a result of psychological stress, allowing the creation of Genocider Syo (also called Genocide Jack). Touko is very cowardly, being afraid of blood and the dark, while Genocider Syo is hungry for blood-lust. Touko and Genocider Syo are polar opposites as Touko is quiet and awkward while the latter is very loud and often makes inappropriate comments. They switch personalities when sneezing, but Genocider Syo is also able to take control when Touko passes out.

Characters who suffer from multiple personality disorder are really very unique and eccentric, as unhealthy and unrealistic as it might seem (but who said anime was realistic anyways). Sometimes the other personalities might often also be used for comic relief in the show, but regardless, these characters are definitely as lovable as any other character. However we suggest if you know anybody in real life who is suffering from this syndrome, please take them to a therapist.