Top 10 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die

Must hear songs - Metallica

Music is something everyone is attracted to. Whether you are a layman on the street or someone who understands music well, you can’t overlook a nice song. But the problem is that so many different songs have been introduced in the past century that it is literally impossible to hear all of them.

A person has to do his daily chores too! Right. So what if someone provided you the list of top ten songs which you must hear before you die. You would be thrilled to hear them. So here is the list of the top 10 songs which you need to hear before you die:

10. Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying

This is the liveliest and saddest song ever recorded. Its lyrics are like crawling through a dungeon. This song is a must hear for those people who don’t have a clue what Stuart Murdoch looks like when singing in his prime. Some hit lines for this song include, “I could kill you, but I could only make you cry with these words.” And, “Rain falling against the lonely tenement has set my mind to wander.”

9. Lose Yourself

Who isn’t familiar with the works of the modern era rapper, Eminem. Well, “Lose Yourself” is one of his best performances and arguably one of the best performances of all times. This song was performed by Eminem in 2002. The rap in the song is so good that even the critics have praised it. Some critics even called it the best rap work to date.

The song was also a great commercial success with peaking in eighteen different countries, including the United Kingdom and United States. These are all the reasons why you must hear this song before you die.

8. Crazy Train

Well any list of best songs isn’t complete with the mention of the great singer of 1980s Ozzy Osbourne. His outrageous behavior led to his dismembership from the band Black Sabbath in the hope of launching a new solo music career. His co-partner Randy Rhoads’ brilliant guitar performance ensured him that as long as his lyrics are up to the mark, he has got nothing to worry about. Crazy train was a perfect song in its timing and execution. The main theme of the song was that the train is a crazy train and everyone is welcome on the train.

7. Breaking The Law

This song was written by Judas Priest’s holy trinity of Glenn Tipton and K.K Downing; it depicts one of the greatest riffs in the metal and music history. The song was released as a lead single off of the 1980’s steel and the song is a mean classic with no solos. Some experts believe that the economic situation of England had an effect on the lyrics of the song.

A famous lyrics of the song is, “And what’s more metal than deciding that you are done with your boring life and that it’s time to live on the edge?” Well, this song is so dangerous that you might think of robbing a bank after hearing its lyrics.

6. Doing The Cockroach

The thing that makes this song quite unique is the fact that not only is this danceable and crazy but it is also delivered with excellent and breathtaking execution. This song was introduced by a famous rock band named “Modest Mouse.” The singer Isaac Brock’s quick tone gives the song a high point.

Some famous lyrics from the song include, “I was in heaven. I was in hell. Believe in neither, but fear them as well.” And “One year, twenty years, forty years, fifty years down the road in your life, you’ll look in the mirror and say, ‘My parents are still alive.’”

5. Doctors of Deliverance

This song is folk narrative summed up with excellent execution. The music is quite dark but nevertheless quite glistening. The story captures the essence of modern metaphor and oral tradition. This song was introduced by the famous band Crooked Fingers. The singer Bachmann has such vocal which takes the song to a whole new level.

Some awe inspiring lines of the song are: “‘Til darkness fell delivering a rush in your veins, pounding out a sound so sad as you walked away, drowning out the echo of a frozen dream you stuffed inside your shadow.” And “Your broken heart beating you ran to the doctor, making believe you had swallowed the sun.”

4. The Number of The Beast

Evil is an intrinsic part of songs and songs like “Black Sabbath” and “The Number of the Beast” have taken the listeners to a trip to a whole new world. There is a legendary anguish after the intro which makes things as real as they can get. There are rumors that the anguish was actually the Iron Maiden’s singer Bruck Dickinson’ real reaction to play the song yet another time.

The lyricist Steve Harris drew his inspiration after seeing the nightmare film “the Omen” and the 1790 poem by Robert Burns who warned about the evil goings in the world. So if you like music with a twist, this song is for you.

3. Master Of Puppets

This song was introduced by a famous band of the 90s named Metallica. They were already quite popular with songs like “Ride The Lightning” and “Kill ‘em All” but they made a rocking statement when they introduced “Master of Puppets” as it was a warning to all the drug addicts about the horrific effects of drug abuse.

The song has a razor sharp intro which will grasp you from the start and there is a head banging tempo in the verses. When the song was first released, the teenagers listening to this song screamed at the top of their lungs “Master! Master!” to show respect and admiration for the singers. Well, as if this all weren’t enough, the breakdown and harmony lines were done by a rare solo performance of James Hetfield. This song was a huge metal hit and it was apparent at the end that metal would never ever be the same again.

2. Web in Front

This song is one of the stuck-in-your-head-forever songs. It was introduced by Indie rock singers and prize fighters “Archers of Loaf”. The famous guitarist Eric Bachman has beautifully depicted his guitar skills in this song. This is a sing along song even if you don’t know the exact words.

It has all the features which qualify it as an attention grabbing song like it is quirky, punchy, perverted and lovely. It is clean enough to hear with your family but has perverted hints which can make you blush. It isn’t a sexy song. In fact, it is quite an unsexy song. This song is one of the greatest hit songs ever. Some legendary lyrics from this song are: “You’re not the one who let me down, but thanks for offering.” And “All I ever wanted was to be your spine.”

1. Stairway To Heaven

The thing which makes this song top the list of the best songs is the poetic story telling of Robert Plant’s lyrics combined with the brilliant musical performance by Jimmy Page. This song was originally released in 1971. It has been developed by Mr. Page who used dramatic development to pass the song through different stages.

His guitar performance in the song can be called as one of the greatest performances of all times. This song has been composed by the legendary rocks musician of all times, Led Zeppelin. It has been divided into three section with each section increasing in tempo and volume. The start is in slow tempo before introducing the electric instruments. The last section includes the rock hard arrangement introduced by the guitarist Page’s solo vocals ending with the line: “And she is buying a stairway to Heaven.”

People around the world have given encouraging reviews about this song. Some have called it a classic like none other while others have called it the music that made their life. So you should definitely hear this song.

Well, there you have it: the list of the best songs you need to hear before you die. This list includes different songs from the classics like “Stairway to Heaven” to the modern Raps like “Lose Yourself”. By now, you might be wondering what the best song is. Well, it basically depends upon your approach.

If you are a laid back person or you are in the mood of listening to something classic, then you should go for Stairway to Heaven. On the other hand, if you are an aggressive person and want to live in the moment, you should hear the song of Eminem, Lose Yourself. Rest assured, these songs will definitely send chills down your spine.