Top 10 Reasons Why Life Sucks

Life sucks

Okay, I’ll admit the word “sucks” is pretty strong. Life doesn’t completely suck (I hope). And it’s true that focusing on the negative isn’t a good thing to do. But the truth is that everyone feels bad sometimes and we all experience situations we don’t want to. And for some people life really does suck. But even if you’re lucky enough to be happy and successful, feel free to read this list and leave your thoughts. These are the Top 10 Reasons Why Life Sucks

You’ll never figure it all out

Life is too vast and complex for your little human brain to ever fully comprehend. All you can do is accept that you know very little and make do with what you do know. Which is that you don’t know.

Pain is unavoidable

Whether physically, mentally or even imagined, you will most likely experience pain in your life. It may be caused by accident, mistake, on purpose or even something out of your control, but it will hurt, and you will feel it.

People won’t like you

There will always be people who won’t like you. And sometimes you’ll never even know what their problem with you was. And maybe to you “that’s okay” or “you don’t care” but sometimes, it’s someone that you do care about who could care less about you.

You’ll probably never achieve your dreams

Everyone’s trying their best to achieve. In such a competitive world very few will ever reach even close to the top. After all your personal hard work and dedication, the most likely response you’ll get from the world is just “try harder”.

You’ve become too tired to do anything about it

Maybe for you though, you don’t care about all that anymore. You’ve grown dull and tired of it all now. You can take the pain, you can accept being alone in life, you don’t need to succeed. You’ve accepted that life sucks. And as sad as that might be, it’s because you understand…

It’s not fair

Life is not fair. That much is obvious. Some people don’t have friends. Some people don’t have food. Some people are too lazy to walk. Some people CAN’T walk. It’s just the way it is. And that sucks too because…

All of it is determined at birth

How attractive and healthy you are, how you live your life and the opportunities you are given, these are all determined by birth. Your genes and the family you’re born into already decided your fate before you even knew. Yeah…life sucks

The choices were probably a lie

Just because you’re born and raised a certain way doesn’t mean you have to live that way. You have choices and free will in life, the ability to fix things and make it better. Well…maybe. No one is sure if free will is real. Everything could’ve already been set in motion from the beginning. Just like how you were born.

You die anyways

And even after all that effort and time put into making a living. After all the growing pains and experiences you’ve been through, you will still die anyways. From the moment you were born, your life has been on a highway towards death. And that death doesn’t have to come when you expect it.

In the end none of it really even matters

Ultimately, a few hundred years from now, none of it will have even mattered. Your trials and tribulations mean nothing to the universe. Your life was just another number driving statistics in the grand scheme of history.

But maybe you’re different. Maybe you WILL find another way. A way to be happy.
Anyways, those are the Top 10 Reasons Why Life Sucks. While it got dark and nihilistic please take take it all with a grain of salt.
And hopefully YOU, dear reader, ironically find more reasons to think positively about life from it.