Top 10 Scariest Horror Games of All Time

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Best Horror Games - Outlast

Horror is one of the most distinctive video game genres. Horror game fans appreciate a good scare and are always looking for the next title that will terrify them even more than the previous. Despite the relatively high amount of horror games made throughout the years, some games are incredibly scary in a timeless way that earns them a spot in the Top 10 Scariest Horror Games of All Time list.

10. Condemned: Criminal Origins

This game created a considerable amount of buzz before its launch, mainly because of the disturbing mechanism on which it was designed. Basically, game testers were asked to pick up a controller and check whether they could hack it. Turns out many were up for the test, yet not every one of them could hack it.

As a wrongdoing scene examiner called Ethan Thomas, at that point, Condemned saw players hunting down a serial executioner in an inauspicious city on the very edge of frenzy, engaging adversaries with whatever weapons they could discover. What’s more, much of the time, the pressure and dread created in Condemned originates from the way that the amusement infrequently enabled firearms to be its primary concentration: players were constrained, rather, to utilize arbitrary questions and face their deepest fears.

9. Dead Space

Dead space is a horror game that is characterized by its haunting designs and a bunch of unpleasant surprises that will make horror game veterans jump from their seats. Unlike most foes from other horror games, Dead Space’s foes are not dead with a bullet to the brain, even if you could find the brain to begin with!

In any case, even with a “vital dismantling” framework that gives us a chance to tear adversaries separated in innovative ways, wandering the corridors of that destroyed spaceship is always as scary as it could possibly be. The game is well adjusted to a sudden absence of appendages in aggravating new ways that keeps the stakes high and the dread element much higher.

8. DayZ

No measure of scripted bounce panics can add up to the sheer, heart-beating strain we’ve experienced in DayZ’s antagonistic open-world. In any case, it’s never been the zombies we’ve needed to fear. In DayZ, the scariest thing of all is the eccentrics of other human players.

Unforgiving death, a shortage of much needed in-game resources, and other ruthless outline decisions all work in astonishing amicability to draw out the freaky side in the general population playing, making DayZ a standout among the most unpleasant and terrifying computer games.

7. Outlast

Outlast is one of those games that have you on the edge of your seat expecting to jump in the air at any second. The game sends players to investigate a psychiatric hospital that is home to a scary, haunting secret and lots of dead and chopped up bodies. The game always keeps players uncomfortable with the feeling of being chased and stalked. Despite the abundantly used jump scares that can be considered cheap, they are placed in a very effective way that makes players try to catch their breath between each of them.

6. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

Eternal Darkness changes fear into a game mechanic. As the torments of this nightmare constantly overload you, your rational soundness meter starts to fall, activating in-amusement impacts that range from interesting and unusual to shear frightening.

A fake working framework crash, passed out showcases and a message that your spare information is being erased are enough to scare any gamer to death, disturbing the player’s psyche in ways that are almost cheating.

5. Resident Evil HD

Resident evil is a timeless classic for horror video games fans. The Capcom masterpiece was originally released back in 1996 the game got an amazing remake in 2002 that put that classic game back into the horror games scene. The dazzling 2002 remake (and 2015 remaster) not just included new levels of detail, climate, and modernity to the original game, however it additionally tossed in some vile curve balls. The recently included Crimson Head zombies and the nightmarish story of Lisa Trevor makes the game standout among the most vital and unnerving awfulness recreations around.

4. Slender: The Eight Pages

Probably the darkest and least known title on the list, Slender: The Eight Pages is the only indie title to make the list, and in spite of the way that it’s genuinely essential, it positions as a standout among the most unnerving recreations at any point made. What is it that makes a “thin” man so disturbing and unnerving?

There’s something naturally dreadful about the possibility of such a man coming after you – attempting to get you. It’s this idea that drives Slender: The Eight Pages, as you’re left in a woods to discover hints while being sought after by a horror such as this. As you slowly discover the pages the horror unfolds. Slender Man gets closer and nearer to you, showing up around corners aimlessly, rising behind you, and for the most part doing terrible, dreadful things to move your stomach up to where your mouth ought to be.

3. P.T

The brainchild of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, P.T. appeared suddenly and amazed us with its amazing visuals, layered secrets, and easy capacity to invoke dread and fear. Set in a solitary, circling passage, P.T. constrains us to remember the alarming knowledge of turning that inauspicious corner over and over and once more. But then, even on the 6th or seventh circle, despite everything it discovered better approaches to terrify us, gradually controlling the earth in unobtrusive, yet exasperating courses to the point when everything falls into place for the chilling finale.

2. Silent Hill 2

Speaking of genuine horror, it doesn’t get any scarier than Silent Hill 2. It’s an undeniably aggravating and mental trip into the subdued considerations of its unassuming hero, and the tormented souls he meets en route.

Passionate catastrophe, blame, outrage, sexual mishandle, and the awful ways the subsequent injury shows are taken care of with an elegance and development that lone reinforces Silent Hill 2’s irritating topic. The mounting feeling that you are escaping from an inevitable oversight, all paving the way to the frightful disclosure toward the end and an overwhelming battle against one of video gaming’s most threatening opponents, makes Silent Hill 2 one of the scariest video game experiences ever.

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a gauntlet of pressure, frenzy and tension. It figures out how to abstain from shabby and surprising bounce alarms, rather fabricating genuine pressure using sound and climate and afterward gaining by that with frightening effectiveness.

The failure to battle off followers combined with the rational soundness framework, which hinders players from gazing straightforwardly at the deformed creatures, makes each experience awkward and strange. As the story advances, safe zones turn out to be less continuous and the story shifts from frightening to flat out irritating. The haunting, nightmarish nature of the game makes it perhaps the scariest video game ever made.

For any horror game fan, these games are a must-try.