Top 10 Simple Hobbies You Should Try Today

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Do you feel like you’re stuck in the same old, boring daily routine? Wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to sleep, rinse and repeat. Many find that it is too easy to fall into the rut of routine within the daily rat race that is life. Maybe you need a hobby! Hobbies are great for filling your time with productive and relaxing tasks. A hobby is defined as “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure”. That sounds nice doesn’t it? But where to begin? The choices can be overwhelming. Keep reading for 10 simple and enjoyable hobbies that you can try out today!

10. Baking

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Baking is a time-honored tradition and hobby that is sure to make your stomach happy and your mind calm. This hobby is all about precision, following directions to the letter, and creating something delicious. Skip the boxed brownie mixes and hit up Pinterest for a daring dessert. You’ll find yourself relaxing more and more as you become more comfortable in the kitchen. Your friends, family, and coworkers will love your new hobby too.

9. Puzzles

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Puzzles are probably one of the easiest hobbies to begin. You can pick up a decent puzzle for about ten dollars at your local big box store. Then all you need is a floor or a table to get going. Puzzles are very relaxing and the amount of focus needed can help drown out the worries and stress of your work day. Pick a puzzle with an image of something you are fond of, like your favorite city or animals to keep you interested. You can also frame the puzzle once you finish and you’ll have a new piece of decor for your place.

8. Coloring

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Coloring is another hobby that you can begin quickly. Adult coloring books have become all the rage to reduce your rage! You can find these more intricate coloring books at big box stores, book stores, and online. The possibilities are endless. Get yourself some nice new colored pencils or markers and get to coloring. You could even put on your favorite album or audio book and up your relaxation factor during this activity.

7. Yoga

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Chances are you already know at least one dedicated yogi. Maybe it’s your friend, sister, or coworker always talking about their latest yoga class and how great it was. Yoga is an amazing exercise and stress relief activity. It has been around for over 5,000 years so obviously something about it is pretty awesome. Don’t stress about being able to hold super difficult poses right away, or ever for that matter. There are tons of beginning yoga videos on YouTube to get you started.

6. Cross-stitch

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Not just for older generations! This hobby is great if you want to do something that keeps your hands busy. There are loads of starter kits at hobby stores and online that can get you stitching in no time. This is an easy hobby for listening to podcasts or audio books at the same time. You could even binge a great show and feel like you’re not just being a couch potato.

5. Reading

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Do you have a stack of books that you’ve been meaning to read for months or even years? Crack one open and get started! Once you get in the habit of reading on a daily basis, it is much easier to keep it up. Reading is great for the mind, especially your memory. Not sure what books to start with? Join a local book club or check out books recommended by celebs such as Oprah or Reese Witherspoon. They are usually spot on with their choices.

4. Trivia Nights

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Are you a pop culture maven? Do you know way too many random and seemingly useless facts? Trivia nights may be the perfect hobby for you. Many bars, pubs, and breweries host weekly trivia nights during the week, and sometimes on weekends. Take friends you already know to be teammates or go stag and meet some new ones! This is a great hobby that gets you out of your house and into social settings to pull you out of your work night funk. You’ll look forward to it all week!

3. Bullet Journaling

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Bullet journals are the pinnacle of organization and creativity. Essentially, you use a blank grid journal to create your own very personalized calendar, journal, and artwork. You can get as fancy as you want, or as simple as you want. Check out google or Pinterest for more detailed explanations and inspiration. The possibilities are endless when it comes to bullet journals.

2. Walking

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This hobby requires no gear, no supplies, and has no time constraints. How often do you just go take a walk around your neighborhood, by the beach, or at a park? If you have a dog, you might go for walks more often, but who couldn’t use some more outdoor, fresh air, exercise? Walking is a great hobby that can help you get healthier and calm the mind. Plug in your headphones and listen to music, a podcast, or a great book and just enjoy being outside. Make it a daily part of your routine and your body and mind will thank you.

1. Crossword puzzles

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Another very simple hobby to get started is crossword puzzles. Pick up a book of crossword puzzles online or even in the grocery store. This is another great hobby to keep your brain sharp and improve vocabulary! Crossword puzzles are very addicting once you get started. You can also find printable or digital versions online for free!

Do any of these hobbies strike your fancy? You can’t go wrong with any one or more of these to break up your day/week and get you out of your TV binging rut. Read a book, start a journal, take a walk, or bake something amazing. You’ll be surprised how accomplished you feel by doing something good for your mind and/or body. So choose a hobby and enjoy!