Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Spring Cleaning is no ordinary cleaning. It’s time to clean the nooks and crannies and toss out the overlooked junk you’re hanging on to for no reason. It’s time for new beginnings to bloom!

Continue reading to get the inside scoop on ATL’s top 10 spring cleaning tips and tricks.

10. Have a Plan

You have to be like a detective and scope out your home. You may need to do some undercover work to get rid of some junk that is building up dust. See which area will take more elbow grease.

Scope out the areas you usually ignore throughout the year. Meaning you barely brush over and keep promising to tackle it tomorrow, but tomorrow never came until springtime cleaning.

So, go room to room with a checklist and stick to the plan. It may not matter which room your start from as long as you tackle those neglected areas first.

9. De-clutter Home and Mind

If you de-clutter your space, you de-clutter your mind. Studies show that your stress levels increase with a disorganized home. Clutter tells your brain there is work to do, so you can never relax.

More people are working from home, and it’s more important than ever that the work area is a clean space. Set aside time to dust and organize your office. Clean out drawers and organize your closets. Whatever you don’t need should go!

8. HEPA Vacuum Cleaning

Spring cleaning requires you to get rid of more than just dust, so it’s a good idea to invest in a HEPA vacuum to be well-armed when you’re spring cleaning. There are dust particles in the air that the natural eyes cannot see. The HEPA vacuum traps these particles that cause an allergic reaction to many.

They also remove pet dander and other allergens. If you don’t have a HEPA vacuum, a vacuum with attachments is your next bet. Dusting brush and hoses are essential to reach crevices, ceiling fans and the ceiling and tight spaces. Get behind the furniture and underneath to remove cobwebs and dust collected over time.

7. Work From Top To Bottom

Traditionally we dust the furniture and clean the floors. The correct cleaning method, however, is to clean the ceiling first. Everything else coming down. All the debris will fall, and you won’t have to re-dust and re-vacuum.

A vacuum with a hose will help you to clean dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and fans. Dust all items before vacuuming away the debris from your floor.

6. Clean Green 

The average homeowner always purchases unhealthy chemical cleaners with toxins to stock up at home. A steam cleaner will eliminate dust along with any germ present without exposing you or the rest of the family to harmful substances.

You use your steam cleaner for the bathroom, kitchen appliances, hard floors, tiles, and even your microwave. Steam cleaning comprises hot water vapor, so it’s 100% natural and environmentally friendly. If you don’t own a steam cleaner, use the natural combination of distilled vinegar, baking soda, and water.

5. Don’t Forget Walls and Windows

Floors and furniture always get the most care at cleaning time. So, walls and windows gather molds over time because of neglect. Use a damp cloth to wipe the dust from walls, windows and blinds, starting from the top.

Remove the window screens outside and wipe them down. To clean the windows, use a steam cleaner with a squeegee as a chemical-free option.

4. Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom tend to be the dirtiest areas around the house. However, don’t be afraid of them and leave them in the dust. Just take them one at a time!

We recommend cleaning these areas first that people tend to forget:

  • Wipe down your kitchen cabinets.
  • Go through your pantry and refrigerator, throwing out stale, moldy stuff and wipe down the shelves.
  • Use a gentle cleanser or a steam cleaner for your stainless steel appliances to avoid scratching or other damages.
  • For the bathroom: Change the shower curtain, go through the medicine cabinet and cosmetic drawers and remove expired stuff.

3. Clear the Air

As spring blooms bless you with a collage of beauty, pollen increases and allergens pervade the air. It’s time to replace your furnace with an HVAC filter. Get one with a MERV rating to catch minute irritating air particles.

All that dust your air conditioner built up over winter will now be filtered before getting into your space to set off allergies. An air purifier saves you from suffering from unhealthy chemicals, any form of odors, and other allergens around you.

2. Protection From Severe Allergies

You know yourself best, but you may need to protect yourself when doing your spring cleaning by wearing protective masks, gloves, scarves and hairnet. This is especially so if you are using heavy chemicals. You want to enjoy your fresh, clean space without sniffing and runny eyes after all that work!

1. Spring Sets a New Tone

Your surroundings should be bright with a new air of expectancy–a new beginning! So if your space appears heavy and winterish, make a few changes to liven up your atmosphere.

Add some color to your couch pillows or a piece of art on a wall or in a corner. You can replace table linen or bedding and towels. Look around you and brainstorm your space!

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