Top 10 Boys that are a Trap Character

trap in anime

Some girls are so pretty, but some boys are even prettier~
So pretty that we probably would never have guessed they were boys to begin with! If you’re a regular anime fan, you’d definitely know about “traps” and how popular they are in some anime. Basically, a trap character is a very very very effeminate boy, always mistaken as a girl on first sight. We’ve made a list of ten misleading beautiful boys from different anime.

Disclaimer: This post may contain spoilers.

10. Gasper Vladi from Highschool DxD

This part-vampire, part-human boy is a student of Kuoh Academy in Highschool DxD. But instead of wearing the boys’ school uniform, Gasper is seen dressed in the girls’ uniform, complete with thigh highs. The reason he gives for wearing girly clothing is that they’re cute (we agree). He first appears as a meek and helpless person, but later learns how to be brave when needed.

9. Luka Urushibara (Ruka) from Steins;Gate

Always having dreamed of being a girl, it’s pretty unfortunate for Luka that he was born as a guy. Nonetheless, his appearance of a beautiful slim woman should definitely make up for it, right? In fact, the protagonist Rintarou even comments that no woman could be as feminine as him. But it looks like he gets more unwanted attention from men. Luka is very soft and can be affected emotionally pretty easily. He’s also a very passionate person.

8. Kazuki Fuuchouin from GetBackers

From the 2002 anime series GetBackers, the character Kazuki Fuuchouin is a very graceful man. He’s definitely a trap character because of his feminine appearance. Kazuki has long, dark brown hair that is tied loosely. He also wears two bells where he keeps his strings, which he can manipulate for various purposes. Kazuki is also known to cross-dress, causing the other characters to make him the highlight of many jokes.

7. Saika Totsuka from Oregairu

The attractive president of the tennis club is actually a trap! Always being mistaken for a girl, Saika Totsuka is usually seen in sporty clothes, which shows just how much he loves sports. Saika has been nicknamed “prince” by the girls in his school, because of his elegant personality. But maybe also because he’s the prince of tennis, haha, get it? Saika’s also pretty caring and fond of animals like rabbits, which contributes to his female demeanor.

6. Haku from Naruto

The most famous trap character from the series Naruto, Haku looks (and dresses) like a girl, and is so good-looking even Naruto expressed he’s way cuter than Sakura. He also appears to wear lipstick later on in the series. Although Haku was considered a dangerous ninja, he’s very good-natured and empathetic. Haku is also very kind, even towards the people he fights with.

5. Kaoru Hanase from Tamako Market

The owner of the “Florist Princess” might be a trap character but he’s no less than a prince himself. Many characters often comment that he’s very beautiful and out of their league. Taller than the average person, Kaoru’s signature piece of clothing is his pink apron. He keeps to himself, but he’s also very friendly and concerned about others. He’s also generous and sends the protagonist Tamako many beautiful flowers.

4. Hime Arikawa from Himegoto

Hime Arikawa is a trap, mostly because he has to be one (although later on he enjoys cross-dressing). The protagonist of the series Himegoto, he’s a young, androgynous student who’s in trouble because of his parents’ debt. Fortunately the student council pays it off, but on the condition that he dresses up as a girl and serves them.

3. Chihiro Fujisaki from Dangan Ronpa

Chihiro Fujisaki is a very intelligent boy who has created many AIs, thus making him renowned as “the Ultimate Programmer”. The kindest and most lovable character in the series, it’s a pretty big surprise when we find out he’s actually a trap character. Chihiro started to cross-dress and pretend he was a girl as a result of childhood bullying. He cares about everything around him and would never lift a finger to hurt others. If you don’t find yourself warming up to Chihiro, something must be wrong with you.
Oh and he was also born on Pi Day.

2. Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka to Test

We aren’t even sure if Hideyoshi is a trap character, because after all, his gender is a HIDEYOSHI. But OK, disregarding that, we had to add him in this list because of his popularity. Hideyoshi is so alluring even the people in his school think he’d look great in women’s clothing! He also frequently receives love letters (we’re one of the regular mailers). Despite being in the drama club, he’s a pretty tame character. And don’t let his cute looks deceive you! He’s surprisingly very strong.

1. Mariya Shidou from Maria†Holic

No list about traps is complete without the leader of them all! Mariya goes to the all-girls school, pretending to be a girl himself as a part of a “competition” to become the chairman. The criteria is that nobody should find out his real identity. Mariya appears cold and sadistic on the outside, often torturing the protagonist Kanako. But deep down, he can also be quite caring, although never fully expressing or admitting it. This petite trap character is definitely one of the best.

So then, have you ever crushed on an anime girl, only to realize it’s a trap? Perhaps we haven’t mentioned them here! Do let us know who your favorite trap character is. Some people might consider them weirdos and even dislike them, but we certainly do think they are as adorable as real anime girls (or even more).