Top 10 Violent Criminals Up for Parole in 2018

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There’s no doubt that knowing violent criminals are behind bars helps us sleep better at night. So what happens when they are released back into the public? Can we trust that they are truly rehabilitated? Unfortunately, there is no way to be certain that these law-breakers will stay out of trouble. Be certain to lock your doors, for these are the top ten violent criminals up for parole in 2018!

10. Mark David Chapman

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On December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman shot The Beatles’ John Lennon in front of his New York City home. Hours before the murder, Chapman and Lennon had interacted when Chapman requested an autograph, which Lennon agreed to. He was sentenced to a minimum sentence of 20 years, and while he has been up for parole every year since 2000 it has been habitually denied. His next shot at freedom will be in August 2018.

9. Mohammed Liaqat

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This rapist was a part of a “Derby Sex Grooming Gang”in the UK. He supplied victims as young as 12 years old with alcohol and drugs before taking advantage of them in cars, hotels, and empty homes. His minimum sentence is set to run out this year.

8. David Berkowitz

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Otherwise known as the “Son of Sam”, David Berkowitz is one of New York City’s most notorious serial killers. In the 1970’s, his crime spree terrified the City. He taunted police who could not bring him to justice. He eventually plead guilty to 8 separate gun attacks, and claimed he was under orders from a demon possessed dog. By the time he was arrested in 1977, six people were dead. He is up for parole in 2018.

7. Ellen Synder

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In 2002, suffering from battered women’s syndrome, Ellen Snyder killed and buried her husband in her backyard in Albuquerque. After disposing of his body, she claimed that he had left her to stay with friends and family. Eventually she was arrested, where she claimed self defense as her motive. She was sentenced to 11 years behind bars, and is eligible for parole in 2018.

6. Vanessa George

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Vanessa George ran a nursery school and was well liked by everyone who knew her. That is, until 2009, when she began assaulting infants entrusted to her care. She even recorded the assaults on her cellphone. George is scheduled to be released this year.

5. Kevin Gates

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Kevin Gates, a rapper with plenty of fans, was most recently arrested for gun charges. His criminal career began at the age of 13 when he was a member of a gang, and his incarceration is shaping up to end this year.

4. Anthony and Nathaniel Cook

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Nicknamed the “Trucker Killers”, these brothers led a killing spree from 1971-1981. They were finally brought to justice due to advancements in DNA technology. Nathaniel pleaded guilty to nine murders while Anthony only pleaded to three, leading to Anthony being eligible for parole in 2018.

3. Genene Jones

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The “Angel of Death” Genene Jones is thought to be responsible for the murder of over 60 children. Working as a nurse in Texas in the 1980’s, many think she murdered in attempt to make herself look heroic. in 2018, she may very well be extradited to face charges for the murder of Rosemary Vega and Josh Sawyer.

2. Leslie Van Houten

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Leslie Van Houten was only 19 years old when she participated in the 1969 murders of Leno and Rosemay LaBianca. A part of the Manson family, she claimed that she had been high on LSD and manipulated by Charles Manson, who was trying to start a race war. Van Houten was denied parole in early 2018, but it has been said that her legal team is preparing an appeal of this decision.

1. Paul Bernardo

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Known as the “Scarborough Rapist”, Paul Bernardo, assisted by his wife Karla Homolka, raped a number of young women in Canada, and ultimately murdering three. His violent spree began in 1987 and lasted until he was ultimately arrested in 1993 after being positively identified through a DNA match. He is up for parole in 2018. Homolka has been free since 2005.


All we can hope for is that the prison system has successfully rehabilitated these criminals and that they will not re-offend. The thought that they may soon be walking the streets among us is a chilling thought.