The 12 Worst Cities to Live in in the U.S.

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7. Gary, IN

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Not only does Gary, IN, have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the nation, it also has one of the highest percentages of the nation’s population in poverty. As a result, the mayor and city council have implemented a financial plan focusing on green infrastructure programs and data use. The city’s current ranking for infrastructure is #144.

Other rankings are as follows:

-Education: #105
-Financial stability: #24
-Economy: #149
-Health: #147
-Safety: #73
-Pollution rank: #144
-Overall quality of city services score: 37.24

6. Stockton, CA

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Stockton, CA, ranks (currently at #150) one of the lowest for infrastructure and pollution. However, Stockton’s Public Works Department “provides an active and extensive Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that relies almost exclusively on non-General Fund sources to fund projects. This Program maintains, improves, and expands the City’s infrastructure and public safety,” the city’s website says.

Some of the city’s current projects include:

-2016 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
-Alexandria Place Sewer Trunk Line Rehabilitation
-Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Phase 1B
-Calaveras River Bicycle and Pedestrian Path
-Filbert Street and Miner Avenue Traffic Signal Installation
-Fremont Square Sidewalk Reconstruction
-Leaking Underground Fuel Tank Program 2015
-Newcastle Road and South Airport Way Water Transmission Main
-Pershing Avenue Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS)
-Thornton Road Widening Project
-West Lane Pedestrian Access Improvements

Here are some other rankings for the city:

– Economy: #91
– Education: #110
– Financial stability: #141
– Health: #92
– Safety: #141
-Overall quality of city services score: 36.51

5. Flint, MI

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If you’ve been paying attention for the past few years, then you are well aware of Flint’s water problem. The governor at the time the crisis began was criticized for his policies and blamed for starting the crisis, which has been referred to as “the largest examples of environmental racism in this country’s history.” On top of all that, the city has the highest percentages of the nation’s population in poverty. Plus, its education is ranked at #141, its safety is ranked at #110, and its economy is ranked at #150.

4. Shreveport, LA

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According to an article published by Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc., a recent survey showed that Shreveport, LA, is the worst place to start a career. The survey looked at key factors such as the availability of entry-level jobs, monthly salary, workforce diversity, and affordable housing. When asked about the ranking, Shreveport’s mayor told Nexstar “We recognize that there is room to grow. Our administration is focused on growing the economy so that each successive generation has more opportunities than the last.”

Here’s a breakdown of how Shreveport ranks in other areas:

-Financial stability: #137
-Education: #112
-Health: #137
-Safety: #138
-Economy: #146
-Infrastructure and pollution: #112
-Overall quality of city services score: 34.59