Top 15 Worst States for Retirement in 2021

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12. Maine

Maine Lighthouse Portland
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Unlike Colorado, Maine has a high senior population. Unfortunately, it ranks low when it comes to health care. One reason is due to the high cost of treatment.

The weather in this state can also be a drawback for many retirees. “If you have money, think about snowbirding it. Maine in the summer and then someplace warmer in the South … Winters are brutal, and as you age, you would need help clearing snow. Energy costs during winter are high,” drumpfFOREVER wrote on Reddit.

Additionally, “our nickname is the taxation state. So income, property, high car registration fee, etc.,” drumpfFOREVER added.

11. Louisiana

New Orleans Louisiana
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While Louisiana boasts good food and festivals (e.g., Mardi Gras), the state is not a good choice for retirement. Property crime is a huge problem there. In fact, Louisiana has the most property crime per capita in the country.

Health care is below average, too. Residents have cancer at an elevated rate, and the state has the fewest dentists per capita in the country.

The weather is another drawback. “You will definitely get a case of swamp butt come June through October. Granted, our winters are quite mild. And of course, hurricanes. Sometimes you just get a couple gusts of wind and some heavy rain, and other times you get Betsy or Katrina,” TheSilmarils wrote on Reddit.