Top 15 Worst States for Retirement in 2021

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8. Rhode Island

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A major drawback for retirees when it comes to Rhode Island is that it lacks affordability. Although its average home cost is relatively moderate, senior housing services are quite expensive. Taxes are high across the board.

And, yes, you will have to pay taxes on your retirement income. Rhode Island also has a substantial estate tax. Additionally, yearly expenses for retirees in Rhode Island come to $62,413.

Here are some additional data:

  • Cost of assisted living: $5,325/month
  • Cost of memory care: $5,270/month
  • Cost of nursing homes: $7,650/month
  • Cost of in-home care: $4,825/month

Rhode Island ranks low for health care (24th) and quality of life, too, scoring 24th and 38th in the nation, respectively. And, although it’s a small state, Rhode Island is densely populated.

7. Washington

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In-home care services cost more in Washington than in any other state in the nation. And, housing is very expensive as well, with a typical home costing more than $478,000. The greater Seattle area is especially expensive.

According to Quora user Marcus Hynes, property taxes are high, and living costs are higher than in other places. This is particularly true of the downtown core of Seattle. You need to be quite well off to live comfortably there, Hynes added.