Horrifying Ghost Stories From Around the World

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Top 8 Ghost Stories - True Detective of Windsor

Ghost stories can be quite terrifying. They leave us with chills running down our spines. It is widely believed that there are many ghosts around the world which haunt people regularly. These ghosts tell you something about the dilemma of their lives. Something tragic happened within their lifetime and they now occupy an area haunting all that come nearby.

But a question arises. Why are people so interested in ghosts? It may be due to the fact that different ghost stories have developed throughout history which have scared us, but even more so, intrigued us to know about these otherworldly beings. So, here is a list of the top ghost stories from around the world:

8. Ghosts of Stanley Hotel

If you stay in the Stanley Hotel in Colorado and turn to channel 42, you will always be watching the very popular horror movie “The Shining”. It doesn’t matter which time of the day it is or which is season it is, the movie is always on. This alone is quite a scary thing.

Employees working in the hotel have reported hearing the sounds of a great party in the ballroom when no one is actually there. Children can be heard playing when there are no children present at all and many guests have reported seeing ghostly figures at night, watching them. The fourth floor is said to be the most haunted throughout the hotel. There have been reports of a ghost named Lord Dunraven, the previous owner of the land, standing over the bed in room 407 and looking out of the window. This ghost has been blamed for the missing of different precious belongings of the guests over the years.

7. Screaming Trees at a Mental Asylum

At a place named the “Illinois Asylum for the Incurable Insane” doesn’t sound like one of the happiest places in the world. When you add ghosts into the mix of all this, you have the ingredients of a perfect horror story. The first director of the hospital, named Dr. George Zeller, was the first one to document the spirit which became known as the “Old Book”.

The hospital existed in different forms before it was reopened in 1902 by Zeller to treat a variety of medical issues. The original building was never used and looked like the basement of a castle rather than a place for progressive treatment. During the early days of the asylum, it was decided that anyone who died in the hospital premises won’t be shipped to their relatives. Later, it just so happened that a patient named Book, who was working with burial crew died there. Zeller and hundreds of other employees and patients saw the ghost of Book crying at a corner at his burial ceremony. No one knows the original identity of the person. And even till this day, people claim hearing his crying voices during funerals there.

6. The Boarded-Up Bathhouse

This is one of those ghost stories which have a truly sad ending. The story was told by a ancient writer named Plutarch, who lived from 45 A.D. to 120 A.D. In the city of Greece, there was a young boy named Damon who gained the attention of a military commander who claimed to love him. Damon refused his advances which made the commander angry.

Damon knew that he would be killed if he did nothing. So he gathered a group of friends and attacked the commander and killed him. The city council gave Damon the death sentence. At this point Damon had no choice but to kill the council as well. Damon then went to the countryside. After some time, the town people allowed Damon to return, but he was killed afterward in the bathhouse. For a long time after that, ghosts appeared in the bathhouse and groans were heard from that site. The neighbors thought that they were the sound of alarms. But reality was something much more horrifying.

5. The White Lady on Balete Drive

The Lady in White is one of the most common ghost stories anywhere in the world and Philippines has one such story. There are two kinds of people living there; one who say that it’s just a hoax and another group of people who claim that something is really present there.

People who believe in the story say that a woman with black and white hair, whose face is either totally blanked or hidden by blood, stands in the middle of the road on Balete Drive. It is advised that you shouldn’t travel there at night and if you do, you should have your back seat filled with passengers. It is said that the white lady sits in the empty seats and scares the people in the car if they are unoccupied.

4. The Exorcism of Roland Doe

In 1949, a boy named Roland Doe underwent an exorcism which was performed by a group of priests. There are different reports about what was wrong with the boy. Some reports said that the boy had supernatural powers. Some claimed he could speak in different languages which he couldn’t have known. Others said the boy could even levitate.

After the incident, investigators looked into the matter and provided evidence that the boy’s powers were far from supernatural. Some people believe that a certain ghost had strong power over the boy. A novel was written from this story known as ‘the exorcism’.

3. Herne the Hunter

This is one of the most dark and chilling ghost stories out there. It is believed that Herne the Hunter haunts the Windsor Forest. This ghost happens to appear in countless folklore and even Shakespeare stories.

Little was known about Herne the Hunter before Willy, a detective decided to seek him out. It was really only known that he was a ghost who roamed the forest and hand large and menacing horns.

It was only decades later that Samuel Ireland provided some background information about the ghost. The ghost was a man of high social standing who fell into disgrace which lead to Herne hanging himself in the woods. It has been said that Herne the Hunter decided to protect the woods for the rest of eternity.

2. The Ghost of Sophia Eberlein

The life of Sophia Eberlein was short and tragic. She immigrated from Russia to the United States and married a man named Hugo Eberlein who was a well-known businessman. She gave birth to two children with him. Her husband died shortly afterwards. She then remarried a man named Jacob Benz. The exact circumstances aren’t known, but she was apparently bludgeoned to death by Bentz. Bentz made it look like a car accident, but he was later caught. He admitted to the crime and served a life sentence in prison where he died.

However, the victim Sophia Eberlein had some unfinished business. So, when the house was dismantled and rebuilt into a library, her ghost still remained. The visitors of the library have reported seeing moving furniture and the sight of the murdered Sophia. This ghost story has all the ingredients of a true haunting.

1. Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost

According to legend, Abraham Lincoln saw his fate before his death. He reported a dream in which he went to a funeral and saw the people mourning. When he asked the people who had died, they said, “The president was killed by an assassin.”

Lincoln’s ghost has been spotted by many visitors and residents of the White House including First Lady Grace Coolidge and Winston Churchill. Churchill claimed that he saw President Lincoln standing by the fireplace. He said good morning to the ghost. After that, Lincoln smiled and disappeared.

Well, there you have it. These are some of the top ghost stories from around the world. These stories include some of the classics, like the Athens ghost and the Lincoln ghost. We also wanted to include some of the horrifying stories like the ghost of Sophia Eberlein for your reading pleasure. Some people believe in these stories whereas others totally deny them. You’ll have to be your own judge here.

Well, whether you accept them or deny them, many people do believe that ghosts live among us. Visit these haunted places and make up your own mind. But beware, once you see a ghost, your life will never ever be the same again.