Top 9 Coldest Places on Earth

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9 coldest places - Snag, Yukon, Canada

Do you like to hang out on sandy beaches during the summertime or do you like to enjoy the winter season, like skiing through the mountains? The fact of the matter is that some people avoid the hottest places and some avoid the coldest places. There are also some people who enjoy both of these extremes.

If you think that you can bear the cold weather to a greater extent, think again. You haven’t seen the coldest places on Earth yet. These places will definitely leave you with unforgettable memories. So, here is the list of the top 9 coldest places on Earth:

9. Grand Forks, North Dakota

Welcome to the Grand Forks! Although the population of the city is less than 53,000, it is still the third largest city in the state of North Dakota. So the question is why are so many people avoiding to stay in this town also known as “The Sunflake City?”. The weather has everything to do with it as this city is one of the coldest places in the state with temperatures reaching as low as -3.1 degrees.

The city is located in the middle plains with no mountains or coastal areas to regulate its temperature. Grand Forks has four distinct seasons, but winter is certainly its longest one. Even when the sun is out, the temperature rises up to only 16.5 degrees. The coldest temperature ever recorded in this city is -44 degrees. However, during some summer seasons, the temperature goes up to 70 or 80 degrees which is a relief for the residents.

8. Stanley, Idaho, USA

This Idaho city has a population of just 63 people, mainly because of the unforgiving winter season in the area. The record low temperature in the area is -54 degree F and the average low is about -1 degree, with temperature rising up to only 18 degrees on a warmer day.

Summer season in the area comes as a relief to the residents, with temperature rising up to 78.5 F in July. There was a high temperature recorded even at 98F. So it’s a place with both extremes and the average temperature is about 35F. But the fact that it is just above freezing, it’s definitely not the place you should head to if you are looking for warm sunshine.

7. Fraser, Colorado

Fraser is an area of just 1.9 square miles with a population of only 13,000 residents, but recently the area has expanded due to real estate development. Newcomers who call this place their home have to be well prepared because the temperature in the area is below zero degrees during winter season.

This town was almost given the aptly named title of the “Icebox of the Nation” but lost to International Falls, Minnesota. Sub-zero temperatures reign supreme in the area from December through February. The coldest month is January in which the temperature averages at -5.4 degrees. The coldest recorded temperature in the area was -53 degrees on January 10, 1962. The city at the elevation of 9,000 feet and the residents enjoy cold nights all year round.

6. Snag, Yukon, Canada

We have brought up the coldest temperatures in the whole of United States, now how about the record of the coldest temperature in North America! This honor goes to the small village of Snag in Canada. The coldest temperature here was recorded to at -81F on February 3rd, 1947. When this temperature was recorded, there were a total of 8 to 10 people living in Snag, many of which were a mixture of fur traders. The place also had its own airstrip with a staff of 15 to 20 people, but that closed in 1968. Researchers also found that, in Snag, voices could be heard over a distance of several miles. This hasn’t been quite explained yet.

The average annual temperature of Snag has a low of 10.3 F and high 34.3F, which makes the average temperature equal to 22.7F. The temperature in January drops as low as -27 degrees, so there is some significance difference between the coldest and hottest months of the year. However, it is still very very cold almost all the time.

5. Oymyakon, Russia

When it comes to the coldest places on Earth, Russia is on a whole another level. Oymyakon has the lowest recorded temperature of -90F, which is the lowest temperature for any inhabited place on Earth. This astounding low temperature was recorded on February 6th, 1933.

However, daily temperatures do not drop this low, but still, the average low temperatures during December, January and February are all in the minus 50s. Even the average temperature in January is -51.5F, so it is by far one of the coldest places on Earth. In July, however, the temperature climbs up to 58.8F which is overa 100 degree shift in temperature! This town has a population of about 472 people. The population is quite low when compared with the size of the area, but the low population is due to the extreme temperature of the area.

4. Yakutsk, Russia

Most people know Yakutsk as that funny country between Siberia and Kamchatka. The world’s coldest temperature outside Antarctica was recorded in the basin of Yana River. During the winter season, the average temperature falls below freezing during September and doesn’t rise up until May. In January, the highest recorded temperature is minus 34 degrees F and the lowest recorded temperature was minus 81F.

Almost 200,000 residents in the area make a living from the mining industry in the region. The place also has numerous museums, theaters and even a zoo. In 2008, the area made the news when a series of pipes burst in the nearby villages.

3. Fort Good Hope, Canada

Due to its incredibly harsh temperature, there are only 43,000 people brave enough to live in the entire Northwest Territories province of Canada. Out of the 33 communities present in the region, the Fort Good Hope is the least populated town with a population of just over 500 people. The residents of this place mostly earn their living by hunting and trapping according to the seasons.

Despite of the high temperatures of 60 or 70 during summer, the Fort Good Hope sometimes experiences low temperatures below freezing or at sub-zero level. The January temperature in the area is known to be the coldest with an average high of -10.8 degrees and average low of -25.1 degrees. The lowest recorded temperature in the area is nearly -68F.

2. Verkhoyansk, Russia

According to a census in 2002, there are only 1,400 people living in Verkhoyansk many of which earn their livelihood through the Siberian Wilderness. The area was founded as a fort in 1638 and serves as a great source of gold and tin mining. The place used to house political exiles starting in the 1860s and culminating in the early 19th century.

It isn’t a wonder that political exiles were sent to this place because the temperature reaches minus 50.4 degrees during winter and remains below zero throughout October until March. Modern residents of this region wear coats and furs and tend to stay indoors nearly all the time in extreme cold weather.

1. Vostok, Antarctica

And of course, the number one spot in this list of the coldest places on Earth goes to Antarctica. Vostok is a Russian weather station in Antarctica which holds the record of being the coldest place on Earth. The coldest temperature recorded there was minus 128.6 on July 21, 1983; there are also some claims that the coldest temperature is -132F.

The warmest month of the year in Vostok is January with mean temperature of minus 25F. However, in the winter months, the temperature usually remains below minus 80F. It is about 3,884m above sea level and a lack of oxygen is always a problem in the area. Not surprisingly, there are no permanent residents in the area.

These are the top 9 coldest places on Earth. People living in these areas often suffer from certain cold weather side effects, like colds, flus, hypothermia, depression, heart attack and frost bites. However, proper precautionary measures can help avoid these problems.

The extreme of everything is quite dangerous. But some people like to live on the edge. They aren’t satisfied until they have experienced the extreme. So, if you are one of these people, dare to visit these top 9 coldest places on Earth.

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