Top Ten TV Shows


I like to think that humanity is heading in a good direction…most of the time. The decisions people make on choosing what to watch (not including some of the YouTubers that keep stirring up chaos online) seem to be pretty solid. It appears that people are really getting into science which is glorious. These days science is continuing to make incredible ground-breaking progress and being a nerd is becoming cool. Many TV shows that have a science fiction base, or have scientifically involved characters is typically what the people want to see these days.. As far as I’m concerned, being smart has always been cool. So, here’s the list of the top ten highest rated TV series as of 2017 and up to now.

10. “Bull” (CBS) — 14.4 million average viewers

This show follows the story of a charming, but also harsh Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) as he runs a very successful consulting firm. He uses psychology, intuition and data collected through the use of high-tech equipment collects to analyzes legal trials.

9. “America’s Got Talent,” (NBC) — 14.6 million average viewers

Somehow no matter what I start watching on YouTube, I always get drawn back to watching America’s Got Talent. I don’t know how it happens. This long running show is a fun to watch and can often be an emotional and inspiring rollercoaster. Celebrities judges observe performances from a vast group of singers, acrobats, musicians and many other talents, and they compete for the top prize.

8. “The Walking Dead” (AMC) — 14.7 million average viewers

ZOMBIES! RUN! Who doesn’t love a good zombie apocalypse show, am I right? Another emotional bombardment of tough calls and a battle for hope and survival, the survivors must band together in order to stay alive. Of course, there are many a zombie murders in order for this to happen, so if you love a good sci-fi end of the world story, this long-standing series is perfect for you.

7. This is Us (NBC) – 16.5 million average viewers.

This drama follows the moments of joy and heartbreak in yet another emotional travesty of a series. Family history reveals long lost secrets and the Pearson family. They are forced to delve deep into the meaning of their own lives. Love and difficult choices at every corner, this series is addictive and easy to fall in love with. If a well written drama is what you are into, don’t make plan to get anything done if you want to watch this series, you won’t be able to turn it off.

6. Game of Thrones (HBO)— 16.5 million viewers

A work of storytelling genius set in a medieval fantasy world – Game of Thrones is a unique thriller with plot twists around every corner. The story follows many powerful families filled with knights and peasants, kings and queens, drama and bloodshed. All in the hope of holding the power to control the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

5. “NCIS” (CBS) — 17.7 million average viewers

Murder most foul! So NCIS has been around for a long time and has a similar vibe like Law and Order, and CSI. The NCIS team investigates a different crimes in each episode and gets dramatic and very detailed in each mystery. A gripping crime solving series with characters that are relateable and entertaining.

4. “Young Sheldon” (CBS) — 17.7 million average viewers

I love science, so naturally “The Big Bang Theory” has been a favorite of mine since it started. “Young Sheldon” is a spinoff series that brings viewers to a place any fan of “The Big Bang Theory” would adore. Sheldon, incredibly intelligent in all manners except social interactions, is 9 years old and deals with the troubles of high school and being extremely misunderstood. Hilarious and oddly educational this series has a high probability of teaching you a new word in every episode.

3. “The Good Doctor” (ABC) — 17.9 million average viewers

Number 3 on the list and taking the bronze medal that doesn’t actually exist that we just made up, is “the Good Doctor”. So, Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) is a young aspiring surgeon who also happens to be autistic. He lands a job in the surgical unit at the well reputed San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. With many personal issues and a general inability to interact with people around him he manages to use his amazing medical skills to blow peoples minds, and of course, save lives.

2. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) — 18.5 million average viewers

The characters of this series are so relatable and fun that it is guaranteed that you will laugh watching this show and probably learn something to boot. A bunch of nerds made up by an incredible cast go through life and experience many hilarious trials and tribulations. Their day to day actions in a world of science and social situations make this show hard to turn off. Most are awkward because of the extreme nerdiness of the group. Great show, great story, great everything and well deserving of the #2 spot in the top 10.

1. “Sunday Night Football” (NBC) — 18.5 million average viewers

The good Ol’ American Sunday night football is still absolutely alive and well and holds the top #1 spot. Viewership has been down as the last few years due to a number of controversies, but we still love our football – and always will.

The top ten TV shows in the industry haven’t changed drastically. A few new shows have made the list such as The Good Doctor, Young Sheldon and This is Us. Then again, there are plenty of decade-old shows which have remained on the top ten list. The Big Bang Theory has been around since 2007 and Sunday Night Football has dominated TV for countless years. However, we look forward to the new and upcoming shows which just might make the Top Ten list and move others aside.