10 Ways to Start an E-Business

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So, you’ve decided you want to make your mark on the digital world. You’ll do that by creating your own unique online business. So, where do you begin? Well, to start – there are countless online businesses. From YouTube channels to websites to blogs, there’s a lot you’ll have to compete with. But, don’t worry. This Top 10 will help your future customers and clients find your e-business among the clutter of others on the World Wide Web.

10. Promote Yourself

The first thing to do to start an online business? Promote yourself. If you’re going to start an online business, spread the word. Share the news with your friends, family, and of course – social media. Facebook still remains a dominant social media app and website, especially because it benefits businesses. It’s a great idea to go ahead and create a business page for your business on Facebook. You’ll be able to connect with communities and people that would be interested in what you do.

And don’t forget your other connections. Share a post about your online business. Tweet a link to your website or blog. Watch how the news of your new business spreads quickly and efficiently.

9. Find out Your Niche or Expertise

Successful online businesses have clear areas of perfection. Whether it’s selling and providing information on organic goods or showcasing wedding photography, the niche is clear. To start an online business, make sure your audience (readers, potential clients, customers and others) understand the exact purpose of your online business. Find your area of expertise and make sure your business evolves around that expertise. Why? Because staying on your business’ topic, for example – videography, shows you’re an expert in that field.

8. Compare your E-Business to Others

Before you move forward starting an online business, think about others’ e-companies. For instance, your goal is to tutor people online. How is that different from all the other tutoring sites? Well, you decided you’re going to teach international students.

So, you’ve jotted down a list of things to make you stick out from the crowd:
a) Tutor international students
b) Have live video and message chats
c) Offer sales – for every five sessions they pay for, they get one free

And it goes on and on – you scribble pages of notes and make a few lists of what additional features will make your e-business different than the other ones. The reason why comparing your e-business to other similar ones is such a crucial step in the process, is due to the competition level. If you only know a few other online businesses that are doing what you’re doing – great, you don’t have that much competition. But, if the purpose of your e-business is quite common, you’ll be fighting among the countless other businesses for potential clients or customers.

7. Create a Spectacular Website

Of course, you need a website if you’re going to start an online business. And if you’re going to create a website – make it awesome. You have two options: either pay an expert to do your website or spend the time to do it yourself.

Whether you’re going with the first or latter, you need to know the content of your website and how you’re going to create it. For instance, here are some of the best website makers that offer an easy-to-learn platform.

WordPress: can certainly be referred to as ‘Blogger’s Block.’ No doubt this is one of the best platforms to create your website with a blog. WordPress has more of an ‘Install’ and ‘Add Features’ style when creating your website. It’s free to create a website and keep the WordPress domain. For example: cookingforyou.wordpress.com

Wix: the drag-and-drop platform has made it easy for users to create their own website. Choose from the popular plan, $14 per month, or others.

Weebly: a great site that will allow you to add or drag-and-drop, attach files and easily customize.

6. Include a Blog

Before entrepreneurs start an online business, many question the purpose and benefit of creating a blog. A blog is so important to a website because it gives your website’s visitors a chance to learn about your work, your personality, and updates from your business. However, putting off a blog can be understandable – some people don’t have the time to sit and write something every week. However, consider paying someone to write content for your blog if you’re not much of the ‘writer type.’ Including a blog on your website can be certainly worth the efforts or money.

5. Choose a Wise Business Name

To start an online business, you need a business name. And that’s no piece of cake. For many entrepreneurs, it takes a long time to create a business while others get their idea in a blink of an eye. The difficult thing about creating a business name is that another company may have the same exact name you want. You don’t want to be stuck with the same name – that will confuse potential clients when they research your company. The perfect way to prevent this is by going to GoDaddy and checking if a domain name you want, for example – Rachels’s Photography, is taken.

So, how exactly do you create the perfect business name? Be unique. It may take some time – but be patient. Ideas will come rolling in. Try to choose a business name that can roll of people’s tongues easily. Your business name should be easy to pronounce, memorable and unique.

4. Find out How Much You Want to Invest

Find out how much you’re willing to put in your new business. A grand? A hundred? There’s no right amount, but be prepared to find out how much you need to invest. To do this, calculate an estimation of your profit and how much you’ll have to pay. For instance, you know if you’re going to sell lemonade – you need to find out how much the ingredients will cost and how much will be your labor. Investing in a business may not be easy as investing in lemonade, but it’s fairly the same idea.

3. Find Your Target Audience

To start an online business, you need to figure out your target audience. Ask questions about the demographics, age or economic status you’re pin-pointing. Knowing you’re going to be selling online products to young Millenials rather than middle-aged people makes a big difference when you’re in the creation process.

2. Stay Connected

Remember the whole ‘Promote Yourself’ step? Now, you need to stay connected with social media. Simply tweeting a post from your blog or sharing your latest successful project will earn you a bigger audience. Moreover, stay connected with your customers or clients. After you’ve finished providing your good or service for them, stay connected with them. They might want to refer you to a friend or family member! That’s the way social media works. In addition, staying plugged into social media can get other businesses to notice you. This can result in collaboration, sharing ideas and many other things you couldn’t imagine without being connected!

1. Have Fun!

The last thing you need to know before you start an online business? Don’t fret about it – have fun! The best entrepreneurs will tell you that they never started out because of the money. Likewise, it’s so important that you have fun in the process and simply enjoy what you’re doing. You created this business and you had an idea. Why? Because you wanted to. You liked the idea, and now you want to turn it into your own e-business. So, do what you love to do, and have fun in the process.

Ready to start an online business? This top ten has now provided you with plenty of tips and guidelines, so you’re prepared to launch your own e-business. The journey will be long, with frequent ups and downs, but guess what? Have fun in the process. You’re making a digital footprint!