What To Leave off Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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Linked In Resume

Jobs are hard to come by these days and people are losing jobs more than ever. So, if you are formulating the perfect LinkedIn profile to attract companies and persuade them to hire you, you’ll need a compelling resume.

Some information given is irrelevant and more of a turn off to hiring managers. Take a look at your resume and LinkedIn right now and see which of these things you need to remove.

16. High School Jobs

Highschool Jobs

You only should list your high school jobs if you have just graduated from college and don’t have much more to offer. If highschool is far in your past, list other experiences. Your high school jobs are not relevant to hiring managers. They are looking for people with the required experience for that particular role.

15. Secondary Skills

Secondary Skills

It’s a common misconception to believe that all your skills ought to be lined out in your resume and LinkedIn profile. If you have skills that will not be used on the job, it’s best to leave those off. Focus on what the job requires and what you are good at.