What Walmart Employees Really Earn

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According to a company report released on May 8, 2019, Walmart revealed that all of its U.S. workers earn more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25. But, just how much exactly do Walmart employees really make? Keep reading to find out.

10. The Average Store Employee

Walmart Workers Protest
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Walmart announced last year that it was raising its base wage to $11 an hour, up from a minimum wage of $9 an hour. So, what does this mean for the average store employee? Well, according to an article published by BUSINESS INSIDER, Walmart says that its average employees make close to $15 an hour, or almost double the federal minimum wage of $7.25.
The wage raise came about as a result of new tax legislation. According to Forbes, Walmart said that tax reform allows the company to become more competitive on the global stage, and in turn, allows it to prioritize better wages and training for its workers, among other things.

9. Cashiers

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Glassdoor estimates that Walmart cashiers earn an average hourly rate of $11, while PayScale estimates they earn an average hourly rate of $10.14. Unfortunately, their salary might be $0 in the near future. That’s because cashier-less stores are coming. In fact, Walmart has already started cutting back on the number of cashiers they have in the store. Depending on how frequently you shop there, you may have noticed that there are more self-checkout lanes open than lanes with human cashiers. This is all due to corporate cost-cutting, retail robot revolution, and other factors.

8. Sales Associates

Sales Associate
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Sales associates at Walmart make $10.59 an hour to $11 an hour, according to PayScale and Glassdoor, respectively. But, associates say it’s not enough. In fact, they want to earn $15 an hour instead. Back in June, Sen. Bernie Sanders presented a proposal on behalf of Walmart associate Cat Davis at a shareholder meeting. “Today, with the passage of this resolution, Walmart can strike a blow against corporate greed and the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality that exists in our country,” Sanders said, according to Adweek. “Please do the right thing. Please pass this resolution.” Unfortunately, the proposal failed, and associates learned they were getting “modernized” vests instead. According to Adweek, the vests are made from recycled bottles and have bigger pockets to “carry all the equipment they need to do their jobs on the sales floor.”

7. Bakers

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Walmart’s bakers don’t make much more than the store’s cashiers. PayScale estimates that they make around $11.56 an hour, while Glassdoor estimates that they make a dollar less ($10 an hour) than cashiers. Either way, both estimates are less than the national average of $12.75 an hour in 2018.

Here’s how Walmart bakers’ salaries stack up against other bakers:

Panera Bread Company: $13 an hour
Dunkin’ Donuts: $9 an hour
Safeway, Inc.: $12 an hour
Panera LLC: $13 an hour
Publix Super Markets, Inc.: $13 an hour
Sam’s Club: $11 an hour
The Kroger Company: $12 an hour
Sodexo, Inc.: $15 an hour

6. Customer Service Associates

Customer Service
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PayScale estimates that customer service associates at Walmart earn an average hourly rate of $11.23, while Glassdoor estimates that they earn $10 an hour.

INTERESTING FACT: Walmart created training academies a few years ago to improve its customer service. According to Forbes, an article in RetailWire revealed that Walmart was going to replace its existing training programs with something they referred to as an academy. Those academies, which included a combination of classroom and on-the-floor training, were put in place to train department managers and assistant store managers on becoming more customer-focused.

5. Deli Clerks

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According to Salary.com, deli service clerks at Walmart locations in the United States make an average of $28,510 a year, with the salary range typically falling between $25,290 and $32,440. Just how much they can earn depends on a number of factors, including education, certifications, other skills, and years of experience.

Some may think this salary is a bit high for deli clerks, but they do much more than make sandwiches and salads. Their job duties also include ensuring high quality products are available in the produce, deli, bakery, dairy, meat and other departments, packing ready-to-sell products in proper containers and stock displays, preparing and serving ready-to-eat food, assisting customers in ordering cakes, fulfilling deli orders or finding the right produce, and keeping the area clean, sanitized, and customer-ready.

FUN FACT: Walmart calls their deli clerks Fresh Food Associates.

4. Overnight Stockers

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Overnight stockers at Walmart make about $10 an hour to $10.71 an hour, according to Glassdoor and PayScale, respectively. Unfortunately, this is another position that is coming to an end at Walmart — at least in part. The retail giant announced earlier this year that it was eliminating the overnight shift that restocks the aisles at about 300 stores — mostly smaller locations with lower annual sales or customer traffic. In turn, Walmart plans to expand the use of the “FAST Unloader,” a machine that takes boxes of products from trucks and scans them to speed their delivery to the shelves. The FAST Unloader will be in 1,700 stores by the end of the year.

On a happier note, the good news is that the overnight stockers won’t be out of work. Walmart aims to transition them to other hours.

3. Licensed Opticians

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The licensed opticians at Walmart’s vision center make considerably more than their co-workers within the store. PayScale estimates that they make an average hourly rate of $22.80, while Glassdoor estimates they earn an average hourly rate of $23. Both estimates are quite a bit more than what any optician in the United States makes on average regardless of where they are employed. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, opticians earned a median pay of $17.80 an hour in 2018.

2. Managers

Hiring Managers

If you were thinking that Walmart managers make only slightly more than their hourly employees, you’d better think again. According to an article published by USA Today, Walmart store managers get paid an average of $175,000 a year! But, it wasn’t always this way for them. In fact, most Walmart managers started as hourly employees. “At Walmart, it’s about moving people beyond entry-level jobs by giving associates clearer career paths, skills-based training, and more control of their schedule,”Walmart spokesperson Randy Hargrove told CNN. “Walmart has represented a ladder of opportunity since we started the business, and we want to make sure that’s the case going forward.”

1. CEO

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CNN reported earlier this year that Walmart CEO Doug McMillon’s total pay last year was close to $24 million! Not all of that was his salary though — just $1.3 million of it. The rest was stock awards ($15.6 million) and incentives/other forms of compensation ($6.7 million). According to CNN, McMillon made 1,076 times more than what Walmart’s median workers made. The good news is that workers got a raise too — a 14.5 percent increase, to be exact. “We are a pay-for-performance company and heavily link our executive compensation program to the company’s operating performance and our strategic priorities,” Hargrove told CNN.


There have been a lot of changes at Walmart recently when it comes to employee compensation. Not only has the retail giant raised its base wage, it has vowed to pay bonuses for good attendance. The company has also expanded paid maternity and paternity leave for full-time hourly workers, and its hourly employees will now receive paid sick leave.