What Your Favorite Shoes Say About You

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A few weeks ago we told you that the type of car you drive says a lot about you. Well, the same can be said for your shoes. Here are ten types of shoes and what each says about your personality.

10. Heels

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Well, it depends on the type of heels worn, but all in all, most people who wear heels are confident. Women in pumps are “boss women.” They’re competitive and are usually in leadership roles. Women in stilettos are serious as well when it comes to work, but they have a playful side, too. They also love beauty and glam.

Those who wear heeled sandals are headstrong, hard working, determined, and passionate. Those who sport kitten heels are old souls. They’d rather stay at home and watch a classic movie than go out for a night on the town with their friends.

-High heels have been considered a status symbol ever since ancient times.
-Studies show that women who wear high heels are considered more attractive.

9. Flats

Ballet Flats
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If you wear flats, you’re outgoing and happy-go-lucky. You’re also focused, modest, and generous. And, you’re a behind-the-scenes leader. “They’re often the women doing all the work in the world. They’re the ones behind the scenes making the engine run,” Kathy Kelada, author of Be the Shoe, told Reader’s Digest. Those of you who wear lace-up flats are creative and trendy, plus you love fashion and style.

On the other hand, wearing flats all the time could just mean that you’re active and stay on your feet a lot. This is said to be true of those who reach for flat sandals.

8. Clogs

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Those of you who wear clogs are down to earth. You’re also nurturing and outdoorsy. You love nature and especially enjoy hiking and watching the sun rise. “A lot of nurses, healthcare professionals, chefs, and people that work in kitchens wear clogs. I don’t think that’s an accident, because these people have a very nurturing, generous, and loving spirit,” Kelada told Reader’s Digest.

Even though clogs started becoming mainstream again in 2015, Men’s Health warns that they “should be worn with caution—and never to a restaurant.” They are perfect, however, for a “low-key weekend.”

7. Flip Flops

Flip Flops
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If you’re wearing these any place other than the beach, you’re most likely a laid back kind of person who goes in whatever direction the wind takes them. And, you’re easy to be around. Rather than live by society’s rules, you follow your own rules.

Both Cosmopolitan magazine and psychiatrist Carole Lieberman warn that we should beware of people who wear flip flops on the regular. According to Lieberman, if they’re that lax about their choice of footwear, they could be lax when it comes to other areas of their lives–areas that they should be a bit more serious about.

6. Sneakers

Black Sneakers
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If you prefer to wear sneakers, you’re a people person. You get along with everyone regardless of how much younger or older they are than you. You’re energetic and willing to explore different ideas. If you’re a woman in sneakers, you’re on the go–whether you’re working out, playing tennis, or walking to work.

Men who like high-top sneakers are obsessed with NBA players’ style, while women who like high-top sneakers are fans of the classics, i.e. quilted Chanel bags, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, etc., and you’re comfortable wearing them with jeans and a t-shirt or even a cocktail dress!

FUN FACT: Sneakers are seen as a status symbol among Silicon Valley techies.

5. Loafers

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People who love loafers are considered to be overachievers. They are meticulous and detail-driven, as well as perfectionists. They’re responsible, loyal, and dependable. Men who wear tassel loafers are most likely to be the traditional type. Men who wear moccasin loafers may also be the type to wear way too much cologne. He just also might be the cheating type.

TIP: Avoid the square toe loafers and opt for the rounded toe ones instead, unless you want to end up looking like a Pilgrim!

4. Boots

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Just like different types of heels reveal different types of personalities, the same thing can be said for boots. People who wear high-heeled boots are the take-charge type. They’re always the one to take control during a crisis situation, and as such, are quick thinkers who make clear, rational decisions.

People who wear work boots are the practical type. They like to plan ahead rather than live impulsively. They’re grounded, and they never make a move without first having a plan in mind.

And, according to a 2012 study conducted by the University of Kansas, people who wear ankle boots tend to be aggressive.

3. Oxfords

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Men who wear Oxfords are likely to be the stuffy, corporate type, i.e. Wall Street investment bankers. They love the cut of a good suit and realize that Oxfords are the perfect compliment. They’re also detail-oriented. And, they’re the type of people who wouldn’t be caught dead in sneakers.

And, then there are the guys who wear Oxfords without a suit. According to Cosmopolitan, this guy “looks a little silly, but he means well. He wants to look well-dressed and make an effort, but also knows that button-downs are a bit much. These shoes are his compromise, and if he’s the kind of dude who’d convince himself that dress shoes can be as comfy and casual as sneakers, it just means he wants to be his best.”

2. Running Shoes

Man Jogging
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These folks are goal-oriented, thrive at multitasking, enjoy fitness challenges, and take their New Year’s resolutions seriously. They’re also very confident and very organized. “I always think of moms when I picture the running shoe,” Kelada told Reader’s Digest.

Men who prefer running shoes are contemporary guys who like to stay light on their feet, Men’s Health Fashion and Grooming Director Sandra Nygaard said in an article published by the magazine. They’re also not the type you want to go out with, Cosmopolitan says. That’s because of two reasons: 1) they’re not likely to plan a real date, and 2) for another reason we won’t mention here since we want to keep this article PG-rated at the most, LOL!

1. Wedges

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Depending on who you ask, women who wear wedges are either confident or insecure. According to Reader’s Digest, Kelada says that women who wear wedges are graceful, assured, always have a strong presence, and know how to carry themselves. They’re also warm and inviting, and as a result, others are drawn to them. She referenced Kate Middleton as an example.

On the other hand, Lieberman said in a Men’s Health article that women who wear wedges may be insecure. They “want to appear taller without the discomfort of high heels. They may be a little more middle-of-the-road. Also, the wider and shorter the heels on a woman’s shoes, the more insecure she might be,” Lieberman said.


So, what do you think? Are any of these things true about you or someone you know? Tell us about it. We’d love to know!