Signs You Are One of the Rarest People on Earth

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Rarest People

One of the highest compliments you can receive is when someone says you are a person of integrity. Your integrity shows your morals, and how effectively you handle hardship and conflict without compromising your principles.

Sadly, integrity is a hard trait to find nowadays. So, how do you know if you are a person with integrity? There are certain characteristics that people of integrity share. Let’s take a look at them.


Individuals with integrity do not brag or show off what they have because they are always striving to become better. If anything, they don’t comprehend their true worth. They usually think they aren’t living up to society’s standards.



Goodness means finding joy in enriching the lives of others. Even if they have to sacrifice their happiness for a while, they will.


This is a critical aspect of a person with integrity. Authentic people do not hide behind a façade or a set of lies. They will not move away from their beliefs, regardless of the consequences.


If you feel the need to lie, you don’t believe in the truths that surround you. The honest person knows what life they want, and that life includes being truthful, not deceptive. You cannot be dishonest and have integrity.


Trust Worthy

People with integrity are known to keep their word. They do not want to let others down or betray them. Trustworthiness is built on the respect you have for yourself and those around you.


Accountability is a crucial element in being able to trust someone, as well as yourself. You don’t want to be the person that says one thing and does another. You want people to be able to count on you.


Honking repeatedly, being very aggressive, and always blaming others are examples of a lack of patience. People of integrity will patiently wait for whatever obstacle may be in their path to go away. Observe how people treat others. That will be a great indicator of their level of integrity.

Values Your Time

Values Time

Being late is a very casual thing for some people. They expect others to adjust to them, which is extremely disrespectful. The person of integrity will adhere to deadlines, schedules, and arranged set-ups. They would never think it’s OK to waste anyone’s time.

Not Argumentative or Name-Callers

Being rude is quite prevalent today, especially online, where people can hide behind screen names. But you can disagree civilly, and sometimes it’s best to walk away without having to “win.” Also, anyone who resorts to name-calling is not a person of integrity. There’s no harm in assuming that people want to treat each other with respect. If things go wrong and you start pointing fingers and calling people mean or rude names, you are not a person of integrity.


When we see someone make a mistake, our first impulse is to blame, get mad, and call someone out. But individuals with high levels of integrity will not give in to this desire. Assume the person meant well. You shouldn’t always expect the very worst of people. If you suspect dishonesty or emotional cheating, you can call attention to it. Even if it is present, try to give that person another chance.

Emotionally Intuitive

Emotionally Intuitive

We have all seen people trying to stockpile essential items as the virus pandemic has worsened. Part of that could be not realizing there are other people in the world besides “them.” Those with integrity are more aware of the people around them and not exclusively focused on their wants and needs. They can sense the needs of those around them and will seek to help if at all possible. This is true integrity.


It seems that one of the hardest things to do in this world is to apologize. Pride can push away an apology even though we know it is necessary. To say, “I’m sorry” means that you “lose,” and we don’t want any part of that. But ‘losing’ and ‘winning’ only exist in our heads. It’s better to create peace. If this requires apologizing first, then you should do it.

Gives Credit to Others

How do you feel when something great happens at your job, and the manager is very deliberate in seeing that whoever was a part of the success gets full credit for it? The person of integrity will give props where they are due and will make sure everyone knows who took part in the success of a project. There’s no need to steal the spotlight from someone else. It’s very easy to let the accolades come to you when you lead the team. Instead, go out of your way to ensure the recognition goes to those who deserve it.

It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Fortunately, these traits can be developed over time. You can work on these attributes and make them a part of who you are, which will benefit yourself and others. Watch how others operate and see if they have these qualities.