About us

Greetings from the “All Time Lists”, we welcome you to our about us page.

You will find this page comprised of all those elements you need to know about Alltimelists.com, Moreover we encourage you to contact us at our contact page for any queries and post submissions.

What we Believe?

“All Time Lists” believes in three basic postulates:

  • Build a bridge between history and present age.
  • Mark the desired characteristics and weigh every event and happening around these characteristics.
  • Bring out the best of the best of these events and happenings for our viewers.

What we offer you?

“All Time Lists” offer its viewers around the world to get an insight of the top happenings and events around the world. From entertainment to bizarre facts, from lifestyles to the innovations in technology, we work to bring out the best for our viewers.

People want compelling content, so the content featuring the best in every niche is our advertising.

What about our social presence?

“All Time Lists” enjoys a unique way of interacting with its followers through its Facebook, twitter and Google plus page. On these platforms we make sure to listen to every suggestion and need of improvement that comes from our followers.

Do we encourage comments on our posts?

Definitely yes, we encourage feedback from our audience on our posts. Your positive feedback gives us extra boost to get our content to the next level and your negative feedback reminds us that some milestones are yet to be achieved.

Can I subscribe to All Time Lists?

Yes, you can subscribe to “All Time Lists” to get updates about new posts and website policies. The subscription will be lifetime but you can unsubscribe to our newsletters whenever you want. Join our newsletter from here.