Top 10 Most Reliable Cars and SUVs of 2021

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2. Lexus NX

Lexus Nx
Source: Car and Driver

The NX is a pleasant and compact luxury SUV. Handling is responsive, and the ride is firm. Plus, the cabin is quieter than most.

The NX 300’s 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder gives ample acceleration and delivers 24 mpg overall. Its 300h hybrid gets an impressive 29-mpg overall.

Snazzy details in the interior make for a high-tech appeal and sleek style. FCW, AEB, BSW and rear cross-traffic warning are standard.

1. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius
Source: Car and Driver

Consumer Reports tested the Prius, and it returned a phenomenal gas mileage of 52-mpg overall. Plus, the car handles responsively and rides comfortably.

The digital gauges that dominate the dashboard are visually appealing and contain an abundance of fuel-economy information. Also, the touch-screen infotainment system is easy to figure out.

The Prius can be driven solely on electric power, up to about 25-mph. The engine does, however, tend to moan when it kicks in. Hatchback versatility is a plus.

FCW and AEB with pedestrian detection are standard in the Prius. All-wheel drive is optional. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility are available on the 2021 Prius.