Top 10 Most Reliable Cars and SUVs of 2021

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Consumer Reports assesses vehicle performance data by more than 300,000 car owners to put together their rankings, which reflect the magazine’s predictions of 2021 model-year reliability.

Reliability is a huge factor in what makes cars worth buying. Folks at Consumer Reports evaluate based on regimented performance tests and survey results.

More than 250 models compete each year to meet the highest standards for performance, safety, reliability and more. They’re competing for the hearts of American car shoppers!

Scores improve depending on the number of problems reported in the last year for vehicles from the last three model years. The most reliable cars also scored well in dynamic safety tests, such as the challenging accident avoidance maneuver.

Here are the most reliable cars and SUVs of 2021, according to Consumer Reports.

10. Mazda CX-5

Mazda Cx5
Source: Car and Driver

As for the overall score among 26 rated brands, Mazda earned the highest. This is due in part to what Consumer Reports called an iterative approach to vehicle redesign.

In other words, Mazda doesn’t make major changes when it redesigns its vehicles. So, it is less likely that its vehicles will experience unexpected flaws and defects due to new technology.

Jake Fisher, senior director of automotive testing for Consumer Reports, believes Mazda still has a stylish design that ensures its vehicles aren’t stodgy.

Mazda is a prime example of a car that is both fun and reliable! It hasn’t invested much in modern infotainment systems, which often generate flaws and complaints.

9. Audi A4

Audi A4
Source: MotorTrend

Ever since the late ’90s, the Audi A4 has remained one of the best luxury sedans on the market. The A4 has never had issues with dependability, even in its early years!

A newer Audi has all the latest gadgets, including smartphone integration, available Virtual Cockpit and wireless charging.

You can find an A4 from 2003 for a drastically lower price without the gadgets but with the same top-notch driving performance.

The smooth and punchy 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine well-matched with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission results in an enjoyable driving experience.

The ride is firm yet nimble. You’ll feel tightly secured while sitting in the A4’s quiet cabin. Plus, the instrument panel shows pertinent information in a clear, comprehensive way you can rely on.

The interior fit and finish are outstanding, and the front seats are impressively comfortable! The A4 has standard FCW and city-speed AEB with pedestrian detection.