The Best and Worst Rental Car Companies in America

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Whether it’s for work or pleasure, you gain a wealth of experience with good and bad rental car services when you travel a lot. To avoid the hassle and disappointment of shoddy services, it’s important to check your options and stay informed.

Car rental companies differ — sometimes alarmingly — in rates, cost and fees. The rewards they offer also vary, so you need to seek out the best ones that will give you maximum satisfaction.

Continue reading to find out the best and worst rental car services in America according to a 2020 JD Power North American Rental Car Satisfaction Study.

Note: The companies are ranked worst to best.

13. Payless


Payless gives you attractive rates, and they enjoy spaces at nearly 120 airport locations. Super convenient. And airport car rentals are generally more expensive than renting farther afield. So why is Payless renting for less, then?

For one, their vehicles are old, with a lot of mileage, and are often dirty. Then there’s the business of pushing add-on that you may not need. A class lawsuit action was brought against them in 2016 for just that. The New York Times also reported that they make it difficult for persons to register a complaint.