10 Must Read Books of All Time

Must read Books - The Catcher in the Rye

Have you ever wondered what separates man from beast? It is the fact that we can read and write. Well, this leads us to the importance of books. Books are quite important for our daily lives. A person who doesn’t read books will have no clear direction in front of him. Books open our minds in more ways than one. They teach us what life is all about. They also put us in someone else’s shoes and let us see life from their perspective. But the main problem with books is that finding a good book is quite rare these days. So here is a list of the top ten books you must read.

10. Pride and Prejudice

The opening line of the novel is quite catchy and the lines are as follows: “It is truthful that a single man in possession of a good fortune is in need of a good wife”; this sentence is one of the most recognizable and most popular first lines of fiction. Having said this, most of Jane Austen’s work is concentrated on the marriage market and the manners of moving through polite society. Pride and Prejudice is considered as one of the masterpiece works of literature mainly because we find such rewarding pleasure in comparing the works of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

Readers will come to like the novel very much because Jane Austen captures the essence of the human character and beauty in her novel. This novel is about the ups and downs in life, the difference of caste and class in a society and how to laugh at life when it is treating you unfairly. This novel is sure to give you a roller-coaster ride of emotional experiences.

9. Little Women

This is a richly written novel having a cast of memorable characters. This book gives you insight into a calm and comfortable family of 19th century America. The interesting thing about this novel is that every person can find someone with whom he or she can relate and who resonates with their own temperament, whether it’s Jo’s temper, Amy’s mischievousness or Beth’s shyness.

The novel is a coming-of-age story which follows three sisters from childhood to womanhood during the Civil War. Living together, these sisters learn about the harsh realities of life like poverty, death and illness and how to live through all of it. This novel is a heartwarming story about the importance of family and the home comfort of never feeling loneliness.

8. War and Peace

This is quite a classic novel which has been called by many experts and novelists as simply the greatest book of all time. It is a feast you are going to enjoy. The novel is set in the 19th century in which Leo Tolstoy tells the story of Russian Aristocrats as they face invasion by the Napoleon’s army. The book is a masterpiece in describing the conflict of human culture. The novel hinges on the point that how can a person keeps his morals intact in the cruel and evil world.

This is one of the few books you live rather than just read. So you should definitely give it a go and know what the fuss is all about.

7. Vanity Fair

Charles Dickens was arguably the kKing of literary London in 19th century, but other writers were his arch-rivals. William Makepeace Thackeray, one of Dickens’ contemporaries, was determined to out-do Dickens and in his determination, he produced a storming story of British life . Thackeray developed the story of a stunning heroine and named the book ‘Vanity Fair’. Where on one hand Dickens was a writer of a wide scope and big heart, Thackeray was colder and crueler in his approach.

Vanity fair is basically the story of Becky Sharp who uses her looks and charms to capture men and gain as much fortune as possible. It’s a satire on the British society and exposes the hypocrisies of the upper classes of the society.

6. Misery

This book is one of the masterpieces of the great English author Stephen King. People mostly have the view that Stephen requires supernatural happenings to get attention of the readers, however, this book is one notable exception. There are no evil spirits or crazy burial grounds in the novel.

The story begins when a successful author loses control of his car on a difficult mountain pass. The author feels lost and alone until a good local Samaritan comes to his rescue. He becomes quite relieved when he comes to know that his savior is a nurse and a big fan of his work. Well, that’s all you will get. Rest assured, it is quite a chilly tale of human obsession and undying will to survive.

5. The Outsiders

This novel was written by S.E. Hinton when she was only sixteen years, mainly because she was tired of reading fluffy romance novels. She wanted a story which told about the harsh realities of the life of a teenager and since these were non-existent, she decided to pen it herself.

This story is a multiple award winning novel and told from the perspective of two orphan boys who try to survive in the streets of an Oklahoma town between all the violence and peer pressure. This novel gives us a reminder that growing up is never easy and that love and friendship know no boundaries.

4. Crime And Punishment

There are just a handful of novels which have been as liked and adored as the novel ‘Crime and Punishment’. It was written by the legendary Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky, who has been hailed as a great novel writer by Sigmund Freud, Einstein and many others.

The novel is an intense tale of a young student who considers himself extraordinary and separates himself from the normal rules of the society. These kinds of morals lead him to kill an ordinary person and take all his money. He butchered the victim with an axe. Later, he is filled with guilt and remorse and the detectives keep on closing in on him. This novel is definitely a mind thriller.

3. The Catcher in The Rye

“If you want to hear about me, the first thing you should know is how I was born and what my childhood was like and what my parents were like and how they were occupied by themselves and all that kind of crap.” This is the beginning of the epic novel by J.D. Salinger’s modern take on coming-of-age story. The story brilliantly describes the disillusionment felt by adolescents in the 1950 through his main character, Holden Caulfield, when he tells about his adventures in New York City over two days while running away from home.

2. Great Expectations

If you want to read some of Charles Dickens best work, you should go for his novel Great Expectations because it is regarded by many people as his greatest work. The story is about Pip, who escapes his miserable upbringing to get the love of a girl who is of a high class family, named Estella.

The novel tells about all the hardships Pip has to face to have relations with Estella. The story shows you that sometimes expectations are very different from reality. Featuring some of the memorable characters like escaped convict Magwitch to the Bride Miss Havisham, the story tells about the real cost of misguided social advancement.

1. Dracula

This book tops our list for one simple reason and that is that Dracula has become one of the the most well-known books of all time. Bram Stoker’s novel introduced the world to Dracula, which has been depicted in a myriad of Tv series, movies, cartoons and video games and so much more.

However, the book offers much more than a simple story of sucking blood; it’s a story of Victorian morality and sexuality. Dracula is shown as a temper who seduces innocent young women and sucks their blood. A gang of waist coated heroes attempts to capture this monster to their avail. Dracula remains to this day as one of the original horror stories and tells us about the Vampire who started it all.

Other than the pure pleasure of reading, there are many other benefits a reader received. It allows the reader to attain new experiences and the reader obtains a new understanding of places they have never seen and people they have never met. The reader gains the perspective of the writer. They know his views which can shape thought and opinion.

In this way, the reader’s mind is broadened which can lead to a whole wonderful world of learning. The benefits of reading books are astounding and we hope you strive to read the books mentioned in this article. Now it’s your choice. You can live your life in a closed shell, or open your life to endless possibilities.