10 Ways To Save On Your Next Restaurant Meal

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4. Beware of Menu Tricks


Did you know that restaurant menus are designed to get you to spend more money? Yep, it’s true! According to an article published by Money Federal Credit Union, restaurants purposely put their most expensive items on the right side of the menu.

Why? Because when we read, we typically read from left to right. That being said, do yourself a favor and look at the items on the left side of the menu instead. That’s where you’ll find the appetizers and other lower-priced items.

3. Drink Water


Nothing refreshes you like a glass of cold water. It’s also the healthiest drink on earth — and it’s absolutely FREE!

Just make sure when you tell the waiter you want water that you specify “plain” water, or else they might bring out the more expensive stuff, like sparkling or seltzer water, which can add $3 or $4 to your bill.

If you absolutely hate tap water, you can always bring bottled water from home. Then, to keep it cold, pour it in one of those cups designed to keep beverages cold for hours.